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Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

February 12th, 2007

Here are some items that we have used in our homeschooling journey. I have found that these have been a great help to us.

Homeschooling How-To Books – GREAT Authors to read from:
E.D. Hirsch, Charlotte Mason, Cindy Rushton, Cathy Levinson, Karen Andreola, John Holt, Ruth Beechick, Sally Clarkson, Susan Wise Bauer, Mary Pride, Shirley Dobson

Math: Singapore Math, Math-U-See

History Enhancements: Truthquest, Mystery through History, Landmark Books, Cornerstones of Freedom books, Books by Laurie Carlson, Coloring books by Bellerophon,

Grammar: Daily Grams, Easy Grammar

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

Spelling: Spelling Power

Writing: Writing Strands, Wordsmith

Great Reading: Any Readers suggested by – Sonlight, Veritas Press. William Bennett, “The Wild Side” readers (critical thinking by McGraw Hill/Jamestown Publishers), Usborne and DK Eyewitness books,

Art: Artistic Pursuits, Books by Richard Muhlberger, Mike Venezia or Isidro Sanchez

Bible/Character Building: Squire and the Scroll (for girls: Princess and the Kiss)

Geography: Around the World in 180 Days, McDougal Littell Daily Geography (out of print)

Science: Apologia (Exploring Creation with…series for Elementary age), Wild Goose Science Kits, Mudpies to Magnets, Magic School Bus Readers

Unit Studies: Beautiful Feet, Amanda Bennett, Konos

Software: Cluefinders, DK Eyewitness, Magic School Bus, Broderbund software, Geosafari, Singapore Math software (Wiggle Woods, etc.), Jump Start series, Mavis Beacon Typing

Entertaining Audio Stories: Your Story Hour (there are many to choose from), books read by Jim Weiss

Great Programs to get from your library to watch: Horatio Hornblower, PBS Series: Colonial House, Frontier House, 1900 House, Manor House, Texas Ranch House

Educational Programs on Television: How It’s Made, Mythbusters, Magic School Bus, Dragonfly T.V., Grossology, Crash Bang Splat, Discovery Kids Ultimate Guide to the Awesome, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Time Warp Trio, Cyberchase, Reading Rainbow

4 Responses to “Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations”

  1. Michael Quint Says:

    I read that you are an ebay seller for 9 (nine!!!) years.
    I would like to do this as I need money to continue homeschooling my 11 year old son, but do not know how to get started.
    I can find things to sell, but I do not know much about becoming a seller, and I get confused reading about it.
    I love your homeschool suggestions and I thought maybe you could advise me where to seek info on line or in books!
    Your help is much appreciated!

  2. Shan Says:

    Hello Michael:

    Let’s see….

    First, if you are selling on Ebay, you NEED a digital camera. You will sell FAR MORE
    items if you have a photo. Ebay buyers are visual beings.

    As for places to sell, try:


    Yahoo Homeschool boards (i.e. look up BJU, Abeka, homeschool for sale,
    homeschool garage sale, etc.)


    www. Amazon.com

    Those are your best bets. I have had the best luck with Ebay. However, Ebay IS
    an expensive choice. Ebay charges a listing AND selling fee. About 95% of your
    buyers want to pay via Paypal (so there is an electronic “paper trail”). Paypal charges
    a fee as well. You are looking at about 10% of your profits eaten up by these fees.
    Half.com is a subsidiary of Ebay and charges fees as well. However, customers can’t
    pay through Paypal on Half. Funds are deposited into your checking account once
    a month. That can be hard on you when you need the money “right now”.

    One quick note about Ebay. They do not allow (most of the time) teacher’s manuals to
    be sold on there. Most of the problem comes from Abeka and BJU TM. Both of these
    companies have asked Ebay not to allow the sale of TM. I can tell you that when you sell
    a set of items (i.e. student text, teacher’s manual, tests, etc.), Ebay won’t usually give you
    trouble. Just be warned. I have tried to squeak by selling just the TM, and I have had my
    auctions prematurely cancelled. Not a fun process. You can sell TM on all other places
    listed here EXCEPT for Half.com. They are owned by Ebay.

    Yahoo groups don’t charge any fees. However, you have to go to each group individually.
    Sending out any blanket e-mails for your items will get your post denied by Yahoo. Any
    time you send a message with a blanket e-mail to 2 or more groups, your message is
    denied. Yahoo groups are VERY time consuming to list on. However, they are free.

    Vegsource is a great place to post. Also, a free site. However, be very careful as to what
    you say. Last year, I posted that I was selling for myself and a friend. I got a message from
    the board saying that I would not be allowed to post for a year. They considered my post
    a “business post” and I was not a “paying client” for Vegsource (which they do have for
    some of the bigger homeschool sellers). So, I had to wait a year to post again. If you are
    selling items for others, DO NOT state this in your post. You will be banned from selling
    there for a year if you do.

    Best of luck to you! Selling homeschool/educational books can be profitable. I usually
    charge 30% of the final auction cost to my clients. I have been doing this for about 5 yrs. now
    and it helps our family quite a bit. My clients are happy with what they make as it is much
    more than they would make for their items than at a garage sale or Half Price Books. They
    also don’t have to hassle with any of the details. I just take their items, and give them a check
    and invoice when everything is closed. Works great for everyone.

    Take care and Good Luck!

    Owner/Moderator of Yahoo group:

  3. Desiree Says:

    Hi Shan,

    I have one other suggestion for selling. IOffer.com. This site works like a backwards auction. You list what you want to get for the product and then people can bid it down. But be careful, because like allot of these selling site, there are predators. I got stiffed for $150 for an Ipod that I never received!

    Good luck!

  4. Shan Says:

    Thanks Desiree! I will definitely look into that. I have also heard about iBid. Have you tried that? I would really love to steer clear of the fees that Ebay/Half charges. After their fees & Paypal, you walk away with about 10% less than you normally would. I know…Ebay is world wide. I am just “frugal”. LOL Thanks for the great tip!

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