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Our date nights don’t cost THAT much!!

June 2nd, 2009


Hmmm…..after all of the bail out garbage, should he really be spending tax payer’s dollars on theater, dinner, and gas for Air Force One like that? Not to mention those “designer evening duds”. Seven words for you,  Big Guy: Neflix, Thrift Store, Taco Bell Dollar Menu.

Disgusted by teen shoplifting tonight…

June 1st, 2009

I left the grocery store tonight behind 2 teenage boys. About half way to my car, I realized that they were taking food out of their pockets that they had stolen from the store. They looked around the parking lot and were showing off their “loot” to each other. It made me so angry and disgusted. These kids had to have been about 14. How did they get away with stealing when there are security cameras all over stores nowadays?

All I kept thinking was: “Where are the parents to these kids? I need to tell my son about this and make sure that he knows I will tear his hide off if I EVER even hear he is considering doing such a thing.” So sad to see youth do something so stupid and wrong. Sad.

I’m an Aunt & an Uncle today! LOL!

June 1st, 2009

My brother and his wife had their twins today. Baxter was born at 12:56 and weighed 6lb7oz. His sister, Zoe, was born a minute later at 12:57 and weighed 5lb1oz. Both kiddos are soft, pink, and have all their fingers & toes.

My brother called for a quick minute with the wonderful news. I didn’t get to talk to my sister-in-law, but I am sure that she was ecstatic as well. I had tears in my eyes when I got off of the phone. My brother sounded so happy.

Now, I have to wait for 1.5 months before we can see them. Our son and I are flying to Kansas for a 10 day visit with the new babies, “big brother” nephew, Aiden, my brother, and my sister-in-law. Whew! 10 days? I hope they can deal with us that long. That is a long time to be dealing with a bubbly personality. They might wish that we had scheduled a shorter visit. LOL

Congrats Adam, Jill, Aiden, Baxter & Zoe. Your family is now complete!! Woohoo! -Love, Auntie Shan xoxoxo

P.S. My son used to call his Aunt Sheila, “Uncle Sheila”, because he was a boy so she had to be an uncle. It is our family joke now. If you are talking about a boy nephew, that makes you an uncle. So…with twin boy & girl, I am an aunt & an uncle. Silly, huh?