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July 18th, 2008


Selfishness is the new Black

July 15th, 2008

This post really isn’t for anyone in particular. I just need to get something off of my chest. First of all, in my immediate life, things are pretty good. I feel blessed beyond measure to have the love of my husband and son. Besides bumps in the road, we are very fortunate and our lives are fruitful. Sure, I could be slimmer. We could have more in our savings account. We could take more family vacations. Gas prices going back under a dollar would really make my day. Other than that….we are blessed.

There is something about me that makes folks want to talk to me. I have had complete strangers tell me about their health problems. I have had people tell me about their multiple credit card debt. I have had them tell me what they really think about their spouse, etc. Most of this, I never see coming. Maybe they get a vibe from me that says: “Sure, you can tell me about your constipation problems. I care about you and you can share anything with me.” Funny thing is, they DO tell me. To the point where I wonder to myself: “Why did I need to know that? What on earth made them tell me that?”

For whatever reason, people share things with me. Sometimes, the things that they share with me are intimate and extremely private. I wonder if it is my faith that makes them tell me things. Maybe these people know that I can be honest with them and that I know that God has a plan for everything. I might not (ok, I usually don’t) know the road that the plan is following, but I know there is a route and a destination.

Over the last few months, I have heard/seen pain from so many people. So many of the folks that I know are drowning from the selfishness of others. Family members that make promises and don’t keep them. Spouses who would rather spend time with an opposite-sex friend then with their spouse. People caring for ill/elderly relatives that cry out for extended family to help – only to be told NO. People lying to one another and seeing the emotional damage, but continuing to hurt further. I feel so badly for all of these people. I can only listen to their pain and pray that things will get better. My heart hurts for these people. I get so frustrated for them. I get so angry.

I so wish that I could pull the selfish aside and give them a stern talking to. I would say something like: “What are you thinking???? Don’t you see what you are doing to those that love you? When you say you are going to help someone or spend time with them, DO IT! When you owe someone money, a favor, or your attention, step up and do it. Don’t you know that by giving to others, you are making a better person inside of yourself? Knock it off!”

Not that these people will listen to me. Not that they listen to those that they are hurting either. I think selfishness is becoming fashionable in our world. I am seeing more and more people wear it. Personally, I think it is an ugly fashion trend. I would rather wear: loving, supportive, attentive, and kind. They are more my style.

Does having your Wisdom Teeth removed make you Unwise?

July 14th, 2008

Like many people in this world, I got my wisdom teeth in my late high school years. Going through teething pains at age 16-17 wasn’t fun. I really felt for toddlers and their plight during my teen teething years. Until my mid-30’s, my wisdom teeth were just there and never gave me problems.

Due to a cavity, I had one wisdom tooth removed about 6 years ago with the promise of the rest removed at a later date. We then lost our medical insurance. Over time, my tiny wisdom teeth cavitities turned into caverns big enough for spelunkers. Pieces of my teeth came out on a regular basis. They had to go. The Lord blessed us with a job that included dental insurance (angels singing in joy). Now I could have my pesky wisdom teeth taken out. Oh joy! The oral surgeon (thanks Dr. Bonasso) set a date for the removal of my 3 remaining wisdom teeth.

On my initial consultation, I was asked to watch a 15-minute video explaining the procedure and after effects. Someone needs to talk to the DVD marketing department about this one. When you are told “there is also a chance of fatality” at the end of an information video, your viewing audience isn’t entertained.

As I am just shy of 40 yrs. old and never been put under, I was very anxious. I made the mistake of looking on Google for pictures of the procedure (not advisable unless you have a strong stomach). I am one of those people that bruise easily. Would I look like I had gone 5 rounds in a cage fight when it was all over? Would I have a black eye? Would I incessantly drool and live on soup for weeks? Would I freak out when they tried to give me drugs to Nighty-Night Land?

I can honestly say that the surgery was amazing. My oral surgeon knew I was nervous (could be the fact that I was talking a mile a minute and couldn’t stop fidgeting that gave it away). He said he was going to give me a “Morning Margarita” via the tube in my arm. I laughed and said something stupid about drinking so early in the morning. The next thing I knew I was being woken up and taken into a room to rest. Was it already over? No way! That was quick!!!

My mouth only bled for about half a day. Today is four days after surgery and I have only needed 3 Vicadin and a small handful of Ibuprofen. My face is just slightly swollen, but I don’t look like a squirrel getting ready for Winter. No bruises are visible. What on earth was I so worried about?

I did have to eat smooth foods for the first two days (i.e. yogurt, fat free pudding, soup, etc.) I had salad last night and my gums protested from all the chewing. Other then that, my surgery went great. I do wish that I had asked for one of my teeth though. I would have liked to have seen the little bugger. I know that is weird. I just find anatomy interesting. Maybe I should have been a doctor? If not that, one of those folks that makes skeletons for science classrooms?