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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Beginning of Week 2 on P90X & a better attitude

Beginning of Week 2 on P90X & a better attitude

September 2nd, 2010

The funny thing about getting your head right with diet & exercise, is that you become impatient. You finally look in the mirror and say to yourself: “What the HELL were you thinking to eat all that junk over the years? Just look at you. It is going to take a while to fix this mess you’ve gotten into”. You realize that those 2nd helpings, slugging it on the couch, “sure, I’ll have dessert” moments have brought you to this point. Those slim jeans have been sobbing in the back of your closet since the Dark Ages. Why do we do these things to our bodies? For me, I know I’m an emotional eater. When I am bored or lonely, I fill the void with food that I’m really not hungry for. THAT is what has brought me to this point. Self destruction won’t get me into my slim jeans.

I finished my first week of P90X on 8/31. It was hard, but I made it. Here are a few things I noticed:

1) My upper body is made of rubber bands. I have a pull-up bar, but I’m not at the point of getting good use from it yet. For now, I’m using resistance bands and using the pull-up bar as an anchor. I sure hope I can get to the point of using that pull-up bar for real. That would rock.

2) My abs are made of Jell-O. That Ab Ripper X is….WHOA! I think that Tony Horton says that the workout has over 300 reps. I’m having to make modifications and take breaks here and there. It is a killer workout for 16 minutes.

3) Plyometrics is A LOT of jumping. If you have knee issues, be forewarned. I have mushy knees that creak and pop. I sounded like a breakfast cereal throughout this entire workout. Talk about sweating!

4) Kenpo is sort of like Turbo Jam & Tae Bo & Chuck Norris all rolled into one. I think I enjoyed that workout the most.

5) Yoga is LONG, LONG, LONG. I just couldn’t make it through 1.5 hours of yoga. I know that people adore yoga and it has a ton of benefits. I just can’t see myself doing more than an hour. Sure, I felt great afterwards, but I can only do so many Warrior #1, before I get bored.

6) Shoulders & Arms – Legs/Back aren’t that bad. I used 6lb weights in the beginning of the week, and graduated to 10lbs this week. I CAN DO THIS!

I’m guilty of not doing the Stretch video yesterday. I’ll probably do it for my 2nd week. My muscles just needed the day off for rest. I was busy with tons of other activities, so I wasn’t sedentary for my day off. I just needed a break.

Today was Day 8 on the program. I did Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X. Maybe it was my attitude this morning, but I felt stronger doing the push-ups. I really did. I still have “old lady teacher arms”, but I felt stronger using them today. I felt like my push-ups were going lower. I felt more confident. It could be my imagination, but who cares? Even if this program only tones my body a bit, and makes me more confident in my body, it was worth it.

As for my eating, I’ve been really trying to lower my carbohydrates (I’m a carb junkie usually) and increase my fruits/veggies/protein/water consumption. I traded one meal a day for a homemade smoothie. Here is the recipe:

2 T whey or protein powder
1 T ground flax
1 scoop Green Vibrance
7-8 frozen strawberries
1 c frozen blueberries
1 T rolled oats
1 cup of green tea (you can buy this in the bottle or just brew some and keep it in the fridge)
1 packet of Equal or Sweet ‘n Low (or agave nectar if I’m feeling especially health conscious)
Dash of cinnamon
Ice (3-4 cubes)

Blend for about a minute and enjoy!
(Note: I usually break up and freeze overly ripe bananas to add to my smoothie too. If you find berries or fruit in season, chop them
up and keep a big bag in the freezer just for this purpose.)

I know that these extra pounds didn’t come on overnight. It will take A LOT OF WORK to get them off. Yes, I’m impatient, but I’m also practical. Just take one day at a time.
Tomorrow is Day 9. By November, I’ll be a new me. November isn’t that far away, right? 🙂

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  1. Amy Says:

    I am on sparkpeople and just wanted to come by and check out your blog! Keep up the good work! I am getting p90X soon (waiting for it to arrive) and hopefully will be able to do it. I know, like you, I am not up to pull-ups but we can only do our best right? I am interested to see what the yoga’s like. I like yoga a lot but sometimes get bored on my own too (as opposed to a class).

  2. Ervin Deporter Says:

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  3. Tony Says:

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