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Day 1-2 on P90X

August 27th, 2010

I’m the first to admit that I am a big marshmallow. My upper body strength is close to the consistency of orange Jell-O. My legs are strong from lots of running/Tae-Bo/Turbo Jam/Walking. From the waist up, I’m a physical wimp.

My brother recently told me that I needed to work on my muscles. I have read that women over 40 start losing muscle mass at an alarming rate. Not doing strength training a few days a week is asking for bad posture, bone loss, and possibly that “grandma slump”. I don’t want that. To me, just looking good in a bathing suit would work. Not being self-conscious in a sleeveless top would be great too. Look good naked and be proud of my body? Where do I sign up?!

We’ve all seen the infomercials about exercise programs. The ones that promise that their gadget will make you skinny overnight. I don’t buy into those. I KNOW that it takes hard work, eating right, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. Fad diets and gimmicky equipment don’t work. Hard work and persistence is always the answer.

I have seen countless posts on Sparkpeople & other fitness sites about P90X and their results. The before/after pictures are amazing. Overweight folks just like me worked their tails off and got to the end more toned, lighter on the scale, and full of confidence. Many exercise programs are all about cardio. I’m a testament that running a ton won’t make you skinny. I’ve done 3 marathons, 5 halves, and countless little runs. 100% cardio doesn’t make you skinny. It just doesn’t. Maybe throwing in strength training along with cardio would help? Hmm…why not give it a try.

I lucked out and bought the P90X disks one at a time on Ebay. I found the resistance bands & pull-up bar on there as well. All of it with shipping was around $90. Not bad. I found the literature (calendar, workout schedule, and nutrition) online. Time to get my head on straight, and commit to this for 90 days. That means working out 6 days a week AND eating right.

The first day is Chest & Back, but I didn’t have that DVD in yet. I used Shoulders & Arms instead. I started off with 6 & 10lbs weights. The workout was a challenge, but I made it through. Next up was Ab Ripper. One word: OUCH! I had to do a modified version of almost every exercise. I did stick with it, but it was really tough. I know I will get better with this, but my stomach is a bowl full of jelly right now. Day 1 down with 69min of exercise.

Day 2:
I started off the morning with Plyometrics. I had no idea what this one was about. One word: Jumping. This 55min workout is FULL of squats, lunges, and jumping. My shoulders & back were sore this morning. I’m sure my thighs are going to be hurting tomorrow. Plyometrics gets your heart rate way up there. You also sweat a TON. Once again, it was tough, but I made it through. Only 88 days to go.
I’m off to make a recovery smoothie for breakfast. 🙂

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