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Positive Thinking & Training for my Next Marathon

September 1st, 2009

This is day 3 of eating FANTASTICALLY. I even made my son chocolate milk this a.m. and didn’t have a sip (something I always do). I put on a pair of walking shorts and I wasn’t suffocating in them. That is always a good sign. The scale and I have never been friends, so I am gauging my progress with how my clothes fit. I would LOVE to get back into my size 6 pair of jeans again. *wishful sigh inserted here*

I printed out a new Hal Higdon Intermediate I schedule today for my next marathon season. I used the Intermediate II this last season, but I am not sure if my mind is in it for that many miles. In Nov. of 2008, I ran well into 200 miles for the month. That is A LOT of wear on my hips/knees. The Intermediate II plan has you run 3-20milers. The Intermediate I only has you run 2 of them.

I have only been running 3-4 miles 4x a week for a while. I have run 2 marathons and 2 halves thus far in 2009. I would love to get in at least 1 more half. I was going to run the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in November, but life took over. I just haven’t trained for it. So….I am now officially training again.

Upcoming Races:

Decker 1/2 marathon – Dec 2009
3M 1/2 marathon – Jan 2009
AT&T marathon – Feb 2009

Those are the ones I know I will run. Who knows? Maybe I will find another marathon to train for. I would love to run the San Antonio in 2010. My goal is to run 5 marathons and 20 half marathons before I am 50 (I turned 40 this year). So far, I have run 3 marathons and 5 halves. I CAN DO THIS!

Where did I put my running shoes? I need to get some miles in….

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