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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Bodies Exhibit, Museum of Modern Art, & Central Park

Bodies Exhibit, Museum of Modern Art, & Central Park

July 9th, 2009

What a day! Whew! My hips & knee joints are telling me that I put in another long day of walking and sightseeing. Let’s see:

My first excursion this morning was to the Bodies Exhibit. This exhibit is amazing. I have to say that it takes a few moments to get over the “creep factor” as the exhibit is full of real, once breathing, humans. They have come up with a process to preserve tissue which makes it possible for us to look “under the skin” for science.

I have to say that I got goose-bumps on my arm into the 2nd room (the exhibit is broken up into subjects by rooms & there are about 12 or so rooms). The 2nd room gave me a look at the first full cadaver specimen. I noticed that this man had eyelashes, and for some reason it struck me that: “Wow! That was once a guy walking around just like me.”

The highlights of the exhibit for me were the Arteries/Veins room that showed to incredible detail how complex our circulatory system is. The intestines, lungs, and heart specimens that showed diseases was fascinating (and really gross with the lung, breast, and penis cancer). Lastly, the fetus room was sad. This room showed the developing stages of a fetus, a baby with Spina Bifida, and conjoined twins. This room was sad as it was filled with children that will never play on a slide, eat an ice cream cone, or say they love their parents.

I walked away from this exhibit in awe. I have to say that I also walked away from it thinking that our Creator had some serious design ideas when he made us. There is just too much beauty in the body to think that we crawled out of a pond by chance. Sorry, but that is just how I feel. (No pictures to post for this as the museum strictly prohibits them.)

img_1901After the exhibit, I met up with my husband for lunch. We walked to the site of the World Trade Center. There are high covered fences around the entire site. There are a few holes in the tarps to see in, but it is mostly covered. Honestly, I found this depressing for a different reason then you might think. If the Empire State Building can be built in 14 months around the DEPRESSION, why has it been over 8 yrs. and we img_19001have hardly started on rebuilding the Twin Towers? Aren’t we kind of letting the bad guys get a small victory by not rebuilding right away? I believe that we should build them just as before. That would send a message to the world. “You can try to beat us up, but we will come back stronger then ever.”

After I sent my husband back to work, I took 2 subways to the Museum of Modern Art up town. Let me just give my personal opinion here. To me, most modern art is nonsensical and childish. Case in point, Pollack. Yes, I know he was famous. Yes, I know he was a troubled artist and a “genius” in his own time. Have you really looked at most of his famous works? It is paint dribbles on canvas.

I walked around the Museum of Modern Art for approximately 3 hours. I saw a piece that was comprised of purple string and 4 tacks making a giant rhombus on the wall & floor. I saw a pile of bricks. I saw a huge white painted canvas. I saw profanity and nudity in a kaleidoscope of colors. I saw countless painting of brush strokes slashing paint across an empty canvas. I saw a sculpture of a img_1925woman’s head & shoulders with a loaf of bread for a hat and cobs of corn for hair. THIS IS ART?! Did these artists really think these pieces through? I felt that 5 out of the 6 floors of the building were a waste. Some were disgusting. Some were just plain ridiculous. I suppose I should recognize that these artists were successful at something. They have their work in a museum for thousands to see. Someone img_1914must like their work. I wouldn’t make a very good modern art curator, would I?

Thankfully, I found one floor that made my trip to MoMA a join. This was the floor that had Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Mondrian, Klee, Diego Rivera, Frieda Kahlo, Rousseau, and more that I love. The highlight of my visit was to see Starry Night in person. This is one of my favorite pieces. Seeing this amazing img_1934work made up for all of the “paint splatter” that many other artists had to offer.

After the museum, I walked 28 blocks back to our hotel and met up with my husband. We rode to Central Park and walked around for 2 miles. Even at 8pm, the park was very full. There was a concert going on, wedding photos being taken, families riding on the water in row boats, folks riding bikes/rollerblades/skateboards, and people just enjoying the atmosphere. It was quite a relaxing walk.

Tomorrow is our last day here. I plan on just walking around for hours until my husband gets done with work around 3pm. Our flight home is at 5pm. My img_1958husband heads for Dallas next week, and my son & I head to Kansas for 10 days. Man! This is a crazy summer for us.

Until tomorrow night….

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