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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » What do you mean I have to take a math test before auditing an art class?

What do you mean I have to take a math test before auditing an art class?

May 26th, 2009

I am a n individual that wants to audit a watercolor class at my local community college. I am not looking for a degree. I am not looking to add to my resume. I just want to sit in the back on a watercolor class and learn to paint a new way. I don’t even mind paying the full class fee to do it. I don’t want a grade. I just want to learn to watercolor. Simple, right? Wrong!

It appears that our local community college doesn’t have such a program for people like me. Nope. If I read their webpage correctly, I have to take a math & english test to qualify for a watercolor class. Can someone tell me why I need to take a math test in order to learn to use pigments, brushes, & water? Who came up with this asinine requirement?

My school room is full of art books. I probably have 8 or 9 books on learning watercolors. Sure, I could teach myself. However, it is nice at times to learn from an experienced individual. That is all I want to do.

There are some people in this world that don’t fit the college mold for whatever reason. I was one of those. However, some of us want to go take A SINGLE CLASS to support their hobby or to branch out intellectually. My husband wanted to take a single photography class a few years ago. The local community college said the same thing. “You have to take a slew of tests before you can snap a photo with us.” How moronic is THAT?

Seriously community college….can’t you spare a chair for a wanna-be watercolorist? Do you really need to know if I can calculate Quadratic Equations? Honestly folks, that is plain absurd.

3 Responses to “What do you mean I have to take a math test before auditing an art class?”

  1. jjabl Says:

    It is the TX law – not a random ACC requirement.

    From the ACC website.

    Assessment and Testing
    Texas Success Initiative Requirements
    Texas law has established the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), which requires that students take an approved test before enrolling in college.

  2. Shan Says:

    Thanks lovely one. One of the Scout moms works for ACC. She said that there is only one watercolor class that I can take and it isn’t even at the college. So….I might be looking around for a private instructor. I wonder where I could find one? Hmmm…Of course, I do have lots of watercolor books. Maybe I could just teach myself?

  3. Karen Says:

    Check to see if your community has an art league. They might know if anyone local offers lessons. In my town there is also a community recreational department that has lessons too. I hope you find something otherwise there are a lot of lessons on utube and wetcanvas and how-to-draw-and-paint.com Good luck

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