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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Ran AT&T Marathon today with a PR too!

Ran AT&T Marathon today with a PR too!

February 15th, 2009


Woohoo Baby! I have run 2 halves & 2 full marathons in 2 months so far in 2009. Yeah baby! Take that turning 40 years old.  🙂

Today, I ran the AT&T Marathon. This race is notorious for lots and lots of hills. I can vouch for that. Those hills contributed to my lower back hurting right now. At times, I felt like I was climbing a stair stepper! Ouch! Those hills were killers!

I was sooooo blessed to have my husband and our 12 yr. old son meet me six times. Seeing them throughout the race route made a HUGE difference in my energy and attitude. The weather was also nice from low-mid 60’s. The sun was shining. It was a perfect race day.

I carried my Camelbak Hydrobak full of Gatorade. Carrying 50oz. of fluid made it so I didn’t have to stop for water/Powerade until the last few miles. Along the route, I ate:

*1 small Larabar
*Package of PowerAde Gel Blasts

On Mile 19, my husband let me a have a huge swig of his Cherry Coke. Man!!! Did that hit the spot. I rarely drink soda, and when I do, it is always diet. However, my body needed that boost of sugar. Soda never tasted so good!

I am happy to say that I never stopped to walk during the marathon. There were two areas that I almost stopped to walk, but I told myself: “Go for a personal record, Shan. You own this race. KEEP RUNNING!”

The race officials were really sneaky to throw in a very steep hill in the last 1/2 mile of the race. Oh man! Another hill??? At the bottom of the hill was a left turn and the race finish. I somehow found reserve to kick it up a notch and sprinted full out to the end.

I finished the race in 4:48:08. That is a personal record for me. I ran the Walt Disney World 2009 Marathon in 5:00:19. I am really happy with my time. My husband and son were right there at the end to see my finish. It was a great race. When I got home, I took an icy bath, and then a hot shower. It was heavenly to wash off all that salt from the race.

We are having egg rolls and fried rice for dinner. It is a celebration/last hoorah. Tomorrow, I am on a 4 month break from running. My goal is to lose 25lbs. in that time. That will help put me in an ideal weight range for my life insurance AND it will help my knees/back for the next race season.

I am tempted to sign up for the San Antonio Marathon in November 2009. Three marathons in one year? SURE!!

Races to date:

Marathons: 3 (2 more to goal)
Half Marathons: 5 (15 to goal)

2 Responses to “Ran AT&T Marathon today with a PR too!”

  1. Cher-tigercub from nike+ Says:

    looking at that photo,that could be me!
    well done,you have me in tears,im doing my first marathon this April,have 3 kids aged under 5

    i too am turning 40 this year,and have had battles with my weight,i loooooooovvvvvvve my food!
    drinking water is v hard for me even yuk,but i will try x

  2. Mollyh from Nike+ Says:

    You are an inspiration! I am struggling just to run the full 5K’s that I have been working on with nike+. If you can do these marathons then I can do these 5k’s and more!

    Since starting Nike + in November I have lost 20lbs and am working on the next 20 to get to my goal. I have a 6 1/2 year old, just turned 31 and have never before run in my life.

    You make me want to strive for more and I know that I can!!! Thanks, you are awesome!!!! 🙂 Good luck with the weight, you have the power to loose it.

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