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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Ran 3M today with a personal best time

Ran 3M today with a personal best time

January 25th, 2009

It was cold this morning as the runners crossed the start at 3M Half marathon. The sun was just coming up at 7am. There were runners of all shapes and sizes.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with fellow Sparker, akorelc, before the race. This amazing woman (ran a 60 miler recently over 3 days) advised her group to take the first 3 miles slowly as they were full of hills. I wished everyone good luck and was on my way.

Earlier in the morning (5:45am), I kissed my husband and wished him a good flight. He would be leaving for New York for a week-long business trip. I was sad that he couldn’t be at the race, but a paycheck nowadays is more important then a half marathon cheering section. Our son was on a Boy Scout camping trip. I would be running the half without support team.

On Mile 2, the runners ran on a frontage road next to the freeway. As I was coming to the hill crest on the frontage, I heard lots of honking. I looked over to see my husband driving down the freeway honking at runners. He didn’t know that I was right there or that I saw him. However, it was a WONDERFUL pick-me-up and motivator.

On Mile 6, there was a woman holding a sign up saying: “Run Shannon Run”. I know that the sign was for another Shannon running the half, but it felt like it was for me. I passed the lady and said: “Thanks so much. My name is Shannon too!” She smiled and said: “Go! Go! Go Shannon!”

There were some hills along the way. However, I just told myself that they weren’t large and plowed right to the top of them. There was no stopping me. I wanted to beat my personal best for a half (2:05:03). I was determined!

When I got to the finish, my iPod Nano said that I had beaten my personal best. With my last races in Disney World, my Nano and official chip time can be off by a few minutes. I needed to wait for the official time on the website.

I am very happy to say that my official time was 2:04:54. A personal best for me. Woohooo Baby! This was my 5th half marathon. I would love to run 15-20 more in the next 10 years (before I am 50). Can I be under 2 hours in the future? I sure am going to try.

For all those that have encouraged me with my running, thank you so much. I am not a little runner at 165lbs., but I am determined to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. I was the chubby, sweet girl in school. I am still sweet (no, really…I am), but I refuse to live a sedentary lifestyle. Bring on the AT&T Marathon in 3 weeks. I want that medal!!!

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