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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Can I beat Oprah?

Can I beat Oprah?

January 4th, 2009

I was curious what Oprah’s time was when she completed her marathon. She did it in 4:29:20. I read that many people weren’t happy with her as she had “staff” along the course giving her drinks & food so she wouldn’t get caught up in the refueling crowds.

Honestly, in my heart, I would love to run my marathon in under 4:30:00. I am not a fast runner. When I run in a race, I usually run about 9:30/mile. Not fast. I know. However, it is running. I train alone. I don’t have a running group or coach to train me for 6 months. I use the Hal Higdon Intermediate II schedule. I have gotten in 2-20 milers, 1-19 miler, 1-16 miler, and several 12-13 mile runs this training season. I sure hope that is enough to get these chunky legs over the finish line within 4:30:00.

I have been reading blogs from runners that ran the 2008 WDW Goofy races. As there are so many people running, many runners said that it was impossible to keep there normal pace. That is discouraging. However, am I there to make a personal best time, or to have fun? Is it too much to ask for if I say…both?

I might not have a “staff” to give me drinks/food along the course. I just have my loving family cheering me on, my Camelbak Hydrobak full of Gatorade, and a few Hammer Gels. The rest as they say, is determination.

I sure would love to beat Oprah though. Who needs a staff anyway?!

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  1. CJ Says:

    just letting you know that your link to PaperbackSwap.com on the bottom right isn’t working.


  2. Shan Says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I will fix it right away! 😀

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