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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » 16 Miler and an Ice Bath. Brrr!

16 Miler and an Ice Bath. Brrr!

December 28th, 2008

Today was my last long run before the Walt Disney World Goofy Races (Half Sat & Full Marathon on Sun). I put in 9.5, 12, & 16 miles over the last 3 days (48.5 miles for the week). I have to say that my legs were screaming about mile 8 today. My energy was gone. I need to rest for a day. Ahhh…..tapering is ahead of me now. Schweet!

My husband and I saw an acquaintance yesterday that is also a marathoner. He suggested that I take a 10 min. “ICE BATH” after I ran my 16 miles. *sigh* Didn’t that sound like a wonderful idea? NOT! However, my husband thought it was a good idea. So…when I got home today, he had filled up our bathtub about 1/3 way up with ice cold water & ice cubes. HOLY GUACAMOLE! Talk about cold! Funny thing is, after about 1 minute, my legs didn’t feel cold. My toes felt like they were popsicles, but the rest of me was fine. Maybe there is something to the ice bath thing?

I have run 871.78 miles in 2008 thus far. My goal was to reach 1000. I took off 1.5 months from running. That made the difference. However, I feel good about the miles. I am shooting for 1000 next year. I can do that.

So…my WDW races are two weeks away. By this time in two weeks, I will have run both of my races. Hopefully, I will feel elated and incredibly proud of myself. My family will be cheering me on the sidelines. After that, we will have 5 more days of vacation in WDW. What an awesome way to ring in my 40th birthday year!

2009 Races I plan on doing:
January: WDW Half, Full Marathon, 3M Half
February: AT&T Full Marathon
March: Capitol 10K
April: Zooma Half Marathon
October: IBM Uptown Classic, Austin Run America Half Marathon
December: Decker Half Marathon

I thought of this today regarding training for my 2008-2009 races. I designed it on Zazzle and plan on ordering one once my Goofy races are over.
Here is the link

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  1. Terri Says:

    I love this design! A friend of mine has taken up running in the last year and a half and has trained herself to be a triathlete. I think this design is just what she needs to give herself a boost! She just turned 50, so it will be a late bday gift. Thanks for sharing!

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