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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Running & Remembering in San Francisco

Running & Remembering in San Francisco

November 20th, 2008

We are on a 6 day vacation in San Francisco right now. Even though we are catching up with friends and seeing the sites, I wanted to continue my running schedule. I went for a 6 miler yesterday. It was really interesting running in a new city (ok, not new but one I haven’t been to in 12 years). Although my route took me around marshlands with paved paths, the runners/bikers were very different from Texas. I am used to waving and saying “Good Morning” to everyone I pass while I run. Texas running/biking edicate doesn’t apply in California.

As I ran along and encountered a runner/biker, I would wave and say “Good Morning”. I would say about 95% of the folks either (a) looked at me and didn’t respond or (b) continued to look away and not acknowledge me. Wait a second! We are all outside working off our love handles. Shouldn’t we all be happy to work off the calories? Can’t you just offer up a smile? Geez people!

It has been a joy to see friends that we haven’t seen in years. We have visited with folks that were in our wedding, and our son’s god-parents. I have missed these folks. I haven’t seen some of them in 12 years. I would like to think that I am older and wiser. Well, I guess I am grayer and wider? LOL I am working on the 2nd one though…thanks to mileage and my running shoes.

Tomorrow my son & I are going to see a children’s theatre performance of the Sound of Music. That should be a joy. After that, we are planning on visiting with friends again and having dinner with them.

I am supposed to run 8 miles in the morning. I know that I need to. It is tough getting out of bed and forcing myself out the door really early. However, I know that I will be proud of myself for sticking to the miles when I return. I am not running the scheduled 50 miles this week. I am staying with a light 35 miles this week. I know that isn’t much, but Hey! I am on vacation!

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