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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Stupid electronics! My iPod/Nike+ dilemna

Stupid electronics! My iPod/Nike+ dilemna

November 7th, 2008

I ran 8 miles on Wednesday. Everything was going great until I hit mile 5. I tripped. I don’t even remember what I tripped on (could’ve been my own feet for all I know). I went down HARD. I scraped up my left palm and slammed both knees into the asphalt. I then rolled to my right side so that I could protect my iPod/Nike+ on my left arm.

Thankfully, nothing on me was broken. My pride hurt and so did my palm/knees. I noticed that I had ripped small holes into the knees of my new running tights. Darn! I also noticed blood seeping through the black fabric. I dusted myself off and continued to run.

I noticed about .25/mile down the road that my iPod wasn’t saying I had reaching mile 5. I looked down to see that it was still registering my time, but not my pace or miles. Did I fall on my shoe sensor? *sigh* I reset the screen for three more miles and started running. The screen still didn’t register my pace/miles. Not good.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my iPod and Nike+ system. The beat keeps me running and keeps my mind busy. I ran 17 miles on Sunday. I NEED to hear that beat in order to run far. My hubby went out last night (as he demanded that I rest my knees for a day) and bought me a new $20 shoe sensor. I put it into my shoe and tried to run up the street. Nope, that didn’t work.

I had to run 6 miles today. I went to Best Buy and bought a complete Nike+ sensor/monitor set for $30. That is $50 in two days. I brought it home and tried to set the system to find out that it still wasn’t registering. Soooo not good.

We made an appt. tonight for our local Apple store so I could take in my iPod, all the new stuff I bought, and my dilemna. The verdict? When I fell down, I must have jostled something in my iPod and now the connection won’t do its thing. *sigh* I know that my Nano is 2nd generation. I know that it is considered obsolete. However, I just don’t want to spend more money on a new one. I am SO BUMMED!

My hubby said not to worry and that he would find me a used Nana 4th generation on Craig’s List this week. *sigh* Being a one income family with Christmas around the corner, I would REALLY like not to spend more money. However, I NEED to have my iPod and having the Nike+ tells me my distance and pace. I love having the whole system.

So…my stupid feet got me into trouble. Not only did I bang up my knees something awful (I swear I look like I was playing against a professional hockey team or something), but I broke my iPod. *sigh* Stupid feet. Stupid knees. Stupid electronics…

I never did get to those miles today. *sigh* I have a 9 miler planned tomorrow and 12 on Sunday. I plan on driving my route to see how far I have to go and wearing a watch. As for my iPod, I can still hear my music. I guess that is a plus. Who knows? Maybe my hubby will find a used one for really cheap and I can give my current one to our 12 yr. old son. I know that he would love that.

Stupid feet.

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    OUCH! Hope you can get a new system up and running quickly.

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