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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Ran 17 Miles & Visited Urgent Care Clinic in 1 Day. Woohoo!

Ran 17 Miles & Visited Urgent Care Clinic in 1 Day. Woohoo!

November 2nd, 2008

I did it. I ran 17 miles during my marathon training run. This is a milestone (no pun intended) for me as when I trained for my first marathon, I only ran up to 16 miles. Why? I got a nasty shin splint and was only able to squeak in 16 miles before the marathon.

I can say that today was tough though. I was really sick for two days earlier in the week. Then, I was a COMPLETE MORON and ate way too much candy on Halloween (not good for someone that rarely eats candy). What happened? I got up and lost all of my dinner and candy at 1 & 3am. It wasn’t pretty.

My stomach muscles/ribs were still tender this morning when I set off for my run. I ran everything except a VERY NASTY hill about 8 miles away from my house. It is so nasty that my legs protested and pretty much said “We walk or you collapse”. So…I caved. It did feel amazing running into my driveway though and knowing that I JUST RAN 17 MILES. Woohoo!

When I got home, my husband wasn’t home. He went to pick up our 12 yr. old son from Grandma’s house (he had a sleep over last night). When they got home, my husband said that he had a migraine and needed to lay down. After throwing up 5 times, being dizzy, and not being able to rest at all, we made a trip to the Urgent Care center.

My husband was severely dehydrated, had a heart rate of 99 (he is usually in the low 50’s because was a swimmer), and had a temperature of 102.4. They gave him 2 bags of Ringers and sent us home after 3 hours. The doctor said that it wasn’t a migraine, the flu, or food poisoning. Just some nasty bug that he caught.

As my husband is a computer instructor, we aren’t sure how tomorrow morning will go. He has a class of 12 students to teach in the morning. He has been with his company for almost a year and has never been sick. I am praying that he feels better and gets lots of sleep tonight. Poor guy.

My hubby couldn’t really celebrate my mileage victory. I know that he would have been really proud of me if he weren’t so sick. I hate it when loved ones are sick.

Good for me and my 17 miles. I take tomorrow off and then get back to running again on Tuesday. I think I am supposed to run over 190 miles this month. I have NEVER run that many in a month. I ran 146 in October and that was a personal best. I want so much to be fit and healthy for my 40th birthday in 5/09. Yes, I weigh around 165. That’s okay. I am eating up the miles and feel good about ME. That is an accomplishment in itself. 🙂

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    OUCH re the headaches and shin splints.

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