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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » What surprises a physical can reveal

What surprises a physical can reveal

October 16th, 2008

As our son is approaching the teen years, he needed to get his last booster shot today. He wasn’t looking forward to it. I can’t say I blame him. I hate physicals. The last physical I went to was totally deflating. Even though I was running like mad and trying to eat right, my doctor said I was “very overweight” and close to being obese. *sigh* Yeah, I was smaller then the doctor and could certainly run circles around her….still, it was depressing.

Our son was treated to all the tests: eye, ear, flexibility, aptitude, etc. He also got his first: “Turn your head and cough please”. I looked away during most of the exam to give him some privacy. I looked up when the doctor said that to see my son’s face. He had that “I wish I were somewhere else” look about him. Poor kid.

The doctor then asked my son to put his hands together and bend forward. She wanted to check his spine. She had him do this a few more times and said: “He has a slight case of Scoliosis. Did you know that?” This has been the same Pediatrician we have been going to since our son was born over 12 years ago. She has never said a word about his back before. The doctor left the room to shortly return with a gauge of some sort. She measured his back again and said: “He has about a 7% curve. When it gets to 8%, we need to be concerned. We should keep an eye on it. Maybe the next time you come in, we should get him an x-ray.”

Scoliosis drawingI didn’t want to look concerned for my son’s case, but…I am concerned. My husband said that I shouldn’t be concerned about it. If the doctor was thinking it was really bad, she would’ve ordered x-rays right away.

I did come home and look up information about Scoliosis on the computer. There is quite a bit of information. Some sites say that a teen will grow out of it. Others say that it could get worse in the teen years. Who knows? It seems the cause for most Scoliosis is undetermined (idiopathic). It is sort of an “anyone’s guess”.

On top of this news from our doctor, I also got an ear exam. I have been thinking for the last year or so that my hearing was going. Granted, most of it is from a mumbling pre-teen. Some of it could be from my husband mumbling under his breath too. Whatever the reason, I seem to either not hear things or hear the wrong things when watching television, having a conversation, etc. The nurse was kind enough to give me a quick ear test. My left ear works just fine. My right ear works pretty well, but I barely heard the most faint beep. I foresee a hearing aid in my future…

Our family believes that physicals are important. You never know what you will learn about your body when you go. I am so not looking forward to my next physical. Why? *Shudder* Mammogram time. Nothing like being squished like a pancake with a bunch of strangers watching. Where is Mrs. Butterworth when you need her? She’s buxom and kind. I need her to hold my hand.

3 Responses to “What surprises a physical can reveal”

  1. jjabl Says:

    I am surprised the doctor let you stay in the room with your son. They kicked me out when my son had his first ‘turn your head and cough’ exam. The lady pediatrician was ‘busy’ so a male colleague did his entire physical. I was not surprised by all this myself. I really did not want to stay in the room with him either. He needs to know that I respect his privacy. He was not very happy when he came out of his physical that time. I am sure it was not very enjoyable for him either.

    I would not worry too much about the Scoliosis for now. I have a grown friend whose doctor was worried when he was a teen. It never worsened and today he is a fine 30 something year old.

    Where do you go for mammograms to have ‘bunch of strangers’ looking on? I have gone to the same place for a few years and the same kind, gentle lady has been there. It is just the two of us in a small room. Yes, I do get squished like a pancake, but I figure it beats getting cancer…

  2. Shan Says:

    I thought our doctor would ask me to leave the room too. However, yesterday morning it seemed like they only had women on staff. They have a rule that they don’t allow opposite sex doctor/nurse into the room unless a same sex doctor/nurse is also present. I think it is so no one can say something inappropriate occurred.

    Normally, when our son has a physical it isn’t a big deal. The doctor asks history, diet, exercise questions of me and general health questions from our son. She didn’t prepare me for the “cough please”. I would have gladly stepped outside. I think I will see myself out into the lobby next time.

    As for being squished like a pancake, they don’t bring in 60 Minutes for that?! I thought for sure they would have me at the bottom of an amphitheatre with the Jumbo-Tron on so all could critique me. Whew! That is such a relief to hear that it won’t be like that. I tend to have an overly creative imagination.

    Actually, a friend of mine had a bit of a scare and I believe she mentioned that other people were in the room when she had a mammogram. I don’t know if that is normal when there is a scare or not…I was thinking that several technicians were in the room with you. I am SO GLAD to hear that isn’t the case.

    I guess it is all relevant, huh? We know some folks that haven’t been in for a physical in over 30 years!! Just going in every year or two can make a HUGE difference in catching a disease. My Dad is like that. If he doesn’t feel bad, he doesn’t need to go to the doctor. I think our bodies are alot like cars, maintain them regularly and they will become a classic! 😉

  3. Cynthia Says:

    YEA… agreed. Those physicals are no fun AT ALL!

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