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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » 13.1, Shots in the hip, and a lost wallet

13.1, Shots in the hip, and a lost wallet

October 5th, 2008

I guess I could be called a dedicated runner now. I got up at 5am to go run 13.1 miles. It was dark and the sky was full of stars. I had eaten a quick breakfast of Chocolate Chip Clif bar with a glass of Power Ade Zero as a chaser.

It was a great run. I borrowed my husband’s headlamp, which gave me a sense of security against on-coming traffic. The most eventful thing was around mile 10, I found a wallet laying on the side of the road. I paused my Nike+ to pick it up and noticed that it had credit cards, etc. in it. I put it in my Camelbak Hydrobak and ran the rest of the way home.

When I got home, we looked through the wallet and found a driver’s license also. It belonged to a 26 yr. old woman that goes to the University of Texas and is a golfer on the national golfing circuit. I called Citibank (where 3 of the credit cards were from). They said they would have the owner call me. She did call me about 10 hours later. The golfer didn’t call me, it was her mother. Apparently, someone had stolen her purse along with her wallet and her daughter’s. She was NOT a happy camper. She wanted to know exactly where I had found the wallet (I think she wanted to go back and look for her purse and other belongings). She is supposed to call me back tomorrow to get the wallet. I felt really bad for her. I know that I would be on fire if someone stole my purse/wallet. Poor thing.

One other thing I noticed when finishing up my half today, my Nike+ is really off. It made me run an additional 3 blocks again. I really need to get to the local middle school track and recalibrate it. When I get in better shape, I run faster and have a longer stride. That really messes with the Nike+ timing. I guess that is a good sign. It means that I am getting healthier.

Finally, I am starting to feel better in my hip. I went to the orthopedic surgeon earlier in the week. I gotTrochanteric Bursitis x-rays and a full exam. Come to find out that I have Trochanteric Bursitis in my left hip. As the doctor said: “You are a Caucasian woman. Your body isn’t built for running. Your joints aren’t built for running. You are open to injury if you continue to pound on your joints like you are. Unless you are a scrawny, Ethiopian man, you aren’t built for running.” When I told her that I didn’t want to quit running and that I wanted to run 10 marathons before I am 50, she said: “Well, get it out of your system. As soon as you complete your 10th marathon, I want you to switch to walking for the rest of your life. It is better on your joints.” I guess that is good advice.

So, after a few days of my hip killing me (Ouch! Cortisone injections hurt!), I am feeling much better. I also have physical therapy coming up to strengthen my hip tendons. Hopefully, that will make me pain-free until my 2009 races. I am crossing my fingers.

What a busy week for running. I am almost at 30 miles for the month of October and this is only 10/5. Not bad. I have 148 miles scheduled this month. I sure would like to make that.

3 Responses to “13.1, Shots in the hip, and a lost wallet”

  1. jjabl Says:

    13.1 – half a marathon – Way to GO GIRL!! I am glad you are getting in better runs, longer and faster. You can do it even if you aren’t built like a scrawny Ethiopian male. Physical therapy should help if you get someone who really knows what you need to do to keep running.

    I sure hope the woman appreciates you being honest and returning the wallet and going to the trouble to figure out to whom it belongs. Not sure how many folks would bother.
    On your way to 148 miles, one mile at a time…..

  2. Cynthia Says:

    WAY to go sticking with running even when it hurts! Me. I prefer biking!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Oh. And I bet the lady is at least glad to have her wallet back!

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