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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Does having your Wisdom Teeth removed make you Unwise?

Does having your Wisdom Teeth removed make you Unwise?

July 14th, 2008

Like many people in this world, I got my wisdom teeth in my late high school years. Going through teething pains at age 16-17 wasn’t fun. I really felt for toddlers and their plight during my teen teething years. Until my mid-30’s, my wisdom teeth were just there and never gave me problems.

Due to a cavity, I had one wisdom tooth removed about 6 years ago with the promise of the rest removed at a later date. We then lost our medical insurance. Over time, my tiny wisdom teeth cavitities turned into caverns big enough for spelunkers. Pieces of my teeth came out on a regular basis. They had to go. The Lord blessed us with a job that included dental insurance (angels singing in joy). Now I could have my pesky wisdom teeth taken out. Oh joy! The oral surgeon (thanks Dr. Bonasso) set a date for the removal of my 3 remaining wisdom teeth.

On my initial consultation, I was asked to watch a 15-minute video explaining the procedure and after effects. Someone needs to talk to the DVD marketing department about this one. When you are told “there is also a chance of fatality” at the end of an information video, your viewing audience isn’t entertained.

As I am just shy of 40 yrs. old and never been put under, I was very anxious. I made the mistake of looking on Google for pictures of the procedure (not advisable unless you have a strong stomach). I am one of those people that bruise easily. Would I look like I had gone 5 rounds in a cage fight when it was all over? Would I have a black eye? Would I incessantly drool and live on soup for weeks? Would I freak out when they tried to give me drugs to Nighty-Night Land?

I can honestly say that the surgery was amazing. My oral surgeon knew I was nervous (could be the fact that I was talking a mile a minute and couldn’t stop fidgeting that gave it away). He said he was going to give me a “Morning Margarita” via the tube in my arm. I laughed and said something stupid about drinking so early in the morning. The next thing I knew I was being woken up and taken into a room to rest. Was it already over? No way! That was quick!!!

My mouth only bled for about half a day. Today is four days after surgery and I have only needed 3 Vicadin and a small handful of Ibuprofen. My face is just slightly swollen, but I don’t look like a squirrel getting ready for Winter. No bruises are visible. What on earth was I so worried about?

I did have to eat smooth foods for the first two days (i.e. yogurt, fat free pudding, soup, etc.) I had salad last night and my gums protested from all the chewing. Other then that, my surgery went great. I do wish that I had asked for one of my teeth though. I would have liked to have seen the little bugger. I know that is weird. I just find anatomy interesting. Maybe I should have been a doctor? If not that, one of those folks that makes skeletons for science classrooms?

2 Responses to “Does having your Wisdom Teeth removed make you Unwise?”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    ACK! Glad you recovered well. I was just as worried when I went in to have a root canal and I didn’t even have to go under. I still need 1 more root canal, but I’m putting it off until I can’t stand it any longer (LOL).

  2. Shan Says:

    That’s what I did with my wisdom teeth. Thankfully, insurance covered my $1500 surgery except for $196 of it. Not bad at all! I am really lucky though. I had almost no swelling and my mouth healed really fast. All in all, the pain was well worth it. I don’t have sensitive cavities any longer. The other plus is that flossing is A LOT easier now.

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