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Feeling Fragile

June 20th, 2008

Ever have a moment in your life when you just feel like a bubble? Or an icicle? Or a thin pane of glass? Fragile. Like you have had so much going on emotionally, mentally, physically, that you just don’t need one more poke. If you do, you feel like you will break. For some reason, I felt like that today.Shattered glass

Our son is going to camp. I am getting better about this. I don’t want to be one of those overly protective mothers. The kind that sends her son out into the world as a “Mama’s Boy”. I don’t want him to have a disagreement with his wife and come running to me. I want to teach him to be strong. I want him to know that he can do anything he sets his heart to. I will always be on the sideline cheering him on.

We have been preparing for camp all week. Buying incidentals here and there. Checking our list to make sure that we haven’t forgotten anything. I noticed today that the “bring to camp” list said something about a medical form. I had updated a form recently, however I wasn’t sure if that was the form needed. Whenever our son has gone on a camp out, leaders have always asked for a permission form. I wasn’t sure if I needed to fill out a new one or not.

I jumped onto our Yahoo list and asked the group if I needed to fill out a permission form. I got a sharp-toned response saying that I didn’t need to ask such a question to the group and “thanks everyone for not sending out needless messages”. I never did get a response to my innocent question. I felt like a thin pane of glass for some reason. Maybe it is that my child will be away for a week. Maybe it is dealing with relations bickering. Maybe it is me missing my best friend today. Maybe it is the heat outside. Who knows.

I did send an apology note to the person that gave a sharp retort. I also sent a copy to the leader of our group. I just wanted them both to know that it was an innocent question. I wasn’t flooding the world with junk mail. I was trying to be a good mom and cover my bases.

There are days like today where I wish the world would just stop being so negative. Have a little patience and understanding, folks. Life is too short to be snippy.

“For many people, one of the most frustrating aspects of life is not being able to understand other people’s behavior.” -Unknown

2 Responses to “Feeling Fragile”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Hope all goes well with your son away at camp.

    On another note. I noticed your spark people link in the sidebar. Are you part of the SHS sparkpeople group?

  2. Shan Says:

    I am a big part of Sparkpeople. I have over 3600 people on my 1 Day Challenge board. Each night, I throw out a new challenge for the next day. Challenges have to do with: Diet, Exercise, Spoiling YOU, Spoiling others, Taking care of our world. I also throw some silly ones out there from time to time. The link is:


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