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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Why do we cut down those that work hard?

Why do we cut down those that work hard?

April 23rd, 2008

This is just something I have noticed. We call those that have worked hard “Goody-Two-Shoes” or Two Shoes“Over-Achiever”. Our society even says to tax, tax, tax the rich. “They deserve to be taxed higher. Look how much THEY have that we don’t have.” Did anyone ever really think that one through? Many of the people that have quite a bit WORKED HARD for what they have.

Do people honestly think these folks were all born into fortune and should be condemned? Did anyone ever realize that most of these folks worked hard from the ground floor level and made something out of themselves? These aren’t the people that wanted the system to give them anything. These aren’t the people that claim welfare while drinking beer and eating steaks (as my Mom, who was a mail carrier, said many of them did when she delivered their checks). These aren’t the folks that want hand-outs on a street corner instead of working for their pay. These are the people that worked hard and DESERVE to have what they do because they earned it. Why do people feel threatened by those that work hard?

Case in point, my mother-in-law. Here is a woman that works hard and wants each day to finish with something accomplished. She has been on the ground level in many companies and worked her way up through the ranks. She has been through many lay-offs, but always seems to find a better job each time. Her recent job is no different. She started working a billing specialist. She started out on the bottom and due to her hard work, she was just given a training position. She got a very nice raise and the recognition that she deserves. Many of her co-workers are angry with her because she got the job and they didn’t. They have been at the company longer, but didn’t work hard at their job. By working hard, she made them look bad. She is what the world calls an “over-achiever”.Simpsons Nelson

I have a half-sister that I have never met. She has lived a wild life full of drugs, alcohol, and partying. When she was younger, she was an exotic dancer and made hundreds of dollars every night. She has made more money in a night then many do in a week (or several weeks). Now, she is 40 yrs. old and has nothing. No family, no house, and no savings. Nada. She blames the world for her being situation and the fact she is penniless. She points fingers and laughs at those that have worked hard and have a home and family. It is easier to make fun of those that have saved and worked hard, then to take responsibility for her actions. She feels threatened by those that have more than she does, even though she has made far more money than most in her lifetime.

My son recently went to a multi-day camping event with my husband. Many other fathers/sons were at the event. When my son arrived, he started to set up camp and build a fire. He knew that everyone would want a fire on the first evening. He asked two other teenagers that were sitting around (playing on their cell phones) if they would help. They ignored him. The adults appreciated our son’s initiative. The teens laughed at him. Later, word got around that our son is a Boy Scout. For the next several days, he was made fun of because he worked hard and assisted. He was called a “goody-two-shoes”.

These three situations all have something in common: working hard vs. laziness. I find it interesting in this world that instead of working hard or respecting those that do, we criticize. It is easier to talk about helping others then to actually get off the high horse and do volunteer work. It is easier to delegate a task than to take it on by ourselves. It is easier to condemn those that have fortune than to work towards having those very same things. It is easier to make fun of those with strong beliefs then to consider what we truly believe. It is easier to make fun of the attitudes of others than to look within ourselves.

I would rather have a world full of “Goody-Two-Shoes”, thank you very much. Before we start making fun of others, we need to do some internal house-cleaning first. It is easier to laugh, isn’t it? Personally, I think people poke fun of those that work hard because deep down, they KNOW they should be doing the same.

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  1. BayAreaDM Says:

    No the rich do not deserve to be taxed higher – they deserve to be taxed at least the EQUIVALENT to people like you and I. Close the numerous loopholes that appear when you can afford to pay top-notch tax lawyers, and you can stash your money in shelters so the government can’t touch it.

    Also, do you REALLY believe that the majority of wealthy people in this country got to where they are by working harder than everyone else for a long time? That’s an illusion, and has been for a long time. For example, the average U.S. CEO earns more than 364 times more than the average worker. My hunch is that they have not been working, or have ever worked, 364 times harder than you or I.

    It is not just about the money – it is the disconnect that this amount of money creates. When the industrial leaders of this country are making that much more money, they are unable to relate to you or I in any meaningful way. Why do you think there is a cap on the salary the President can earn?

    As for “goody two shoes”, kids will be kids. I, and most halfway intelligent people in the world over the age of 22, respect someone who works hard for a living. I don’t think your sister is a relevant focus group.

  2. Justin Durkee Says:

    No matter how hard you work in life its all about who you know. It’s a fact, and a hard one to believe at that. Now dont get me wrong people everyday get promoted because they are great at what they do. I work around and associate with people everyday that are in a high position because they are either the owners son or the friend of a friend. I’m not a “goody two shoes” by any means, hell somethimes i like to push the “red button” thats a saying in refineries, but i do consider myself an over achiever becasue my jobs requires me to be a perfectionist. Not to long ago i was offered a job with my fathers company making great money. I didnt know anything about the position i was getting into. Well i turned it down because i didnt want to be know as the guy who got the job cause hes the owners son, and ill tell you that senerio happens more often than youd like to think.

  3. BayAreaDM Says:

    I completely agree, and you have my respect that you did not take that position. You might have been a great team leader, but HOW you succeed makes a difference to you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Cronyism is one of the reasons the U.S. is having a major leadership crisis.

  4. Shan Says:

    I have been swamped this last week, so I couldn’t reply until now. I just wanted to state that yes, I do believe that the majority of rich business owners have (and do) work hard.

    You make it sound as if EVERY person that owns a successful business is a “bad guy”. If that were really true, then ANYONE in history or in the future should just drop any good idea that they have and let it go. Anyone that thought that society needed something or had an idea to improve life, should just drop it. Why? With your reasoning, ALL of them would get successful and become blood-thirsty CEOs. They would have more than everyone else. To you, that isn’t fair.

    However, why stop there? Any scientist in history or in the future might find a cure to a disease. Should a scientist find the cure for cancer or AIDS, they would certainly become famous and rich. By your reasoning, they would become blood-thirsty and only be “in it” for themselves.

    What about athletes? They have something to offer in the way of their talents. Are they all worthless? Many of them own businesses. So, that makes them all blood-thirsty? NONE of them have ever worked hard, right?

    What about scientists, artists, clothing designers, architects, & musicians? They all have ideas and many of them have companies that make lots of money. From what you have said, they ALL are horrible people that don’t work hard. I mean, if they own a large company and are making money…

    Have YOU ever come up with an idea to make life better? Something that you have thought: “Why haven’t they invented?…” If you have, drop it right now. By your reasoning, if they ever want to market it and make money, they are worthless.

    I am sure there are many on the Fortune 500 that would disagree with you. Thinking that every company owner has never worked a hard day in their lives is a joke. If people hadn’t worked hard in the past, where would this world be today? Certainly not as advanced. We wouldn’t have the comforts of our home and would be wearing loin cloths and fighting for food with our neighbors.

    Someone had to pick up a bone or rock and think of it as a tool. Someone had to melt ore and come up with a new metal. Someone had to design the first building. Someone had to envision a new way to grow food. Someone had to come up with an engine. Someone had to think that there is more in the universe. Are ALL of these people not worthy of their hard work? Should they not be rewarded for the ingenuity or perseverance?

    If ANY person has an idea and puts it to good use, I think they should reap from it. If they are smart enough to make something of it, why shouldn’t they have success? Wanting everything to be even (no matter how hard your work) is a socialist society. Thank the Lord that we don’t live in a society that is socialist. What would be the motivation in coming up with an new idea to better life, if you never were praised with success? If none of us are rewarded with a paycheck each week, what is the motivation to work hard?

  5. BayAreaDM Says:

    I’m not sure where to start. First of all, we are talking about Chief Executive Officers, not business owners. A large majority of CEOs had nothing to do whatsoever with the hard work and risk involved with starting the company. These are not the business owners that stay up all night, working on a new process or wondering how they are going to meet payroll this month. I am referring to the “leaders” who swoop in, make a ton of money even when the company fails, and then pull their golden parachute. These are two completely different beasts, and I don’t think it is “fair” that the latter is respected as much or more than the former. I do not need to guess which one earns more money on average.

    Second, and I’ll make this brief: if you think that the scientist(s) that cures AIDS will become even half as rich and famous as, let’s say Donald Trump, then you are delusional. Let’s move on.

    I’m not sure where, in my previous comment, you get the idea that I believe rich people should be “punished” for their wealth. That is incorrect, and maybe I’ve inadvertently hit a nerve, which is causing you to stretch my point to illogical conclusions.

    I just believe that individuals and corporations should pay their fair share. That means that the following people should pay the same percentage of taxes:

    1) The war profiteer that shuffles paperwork and makes millions.
    2) The individual who deals in mutual funds and makes millions.
    3) The administrative assistant making $20k and trying to support two kids.

    That does not sound like socialism to me.

  6. SHARON Says:

    I have thought much about this matter. It always frustrates me when I hear people say. “They’re so lucky – (fill in the blank) – to get a promotion at work, buy a new car or house, go on vacations, etc.”
    In my experience, luck has little to do with it in the normal course of matters. Most people who get the things we consider the extras in life have gotten them by working hard.
    People who say “Well, so and so was just in the right place at the right time” are usually sittin on their couch watching TV or playing video games. I have never heard of the couch at home “being in the right place.”
    Many people spend too much time comparing themselves to others and what they have and what they make. Perhaps we should focus on ourselves and if we aren’t getting what we think we deserve, maybe we should work a little harder.

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