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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Day 4 of “Operation Grand Canyon or Bust”

Day 4 of “Operation Grand Canyon or Bust”

March 23rd, 2008

WE GOT HERE! We got to the Grand Canyon. How beautiful it is here. Incredible views, pine trees, scattered patches of ice, and lots of tourists. Isn’t school back in session? Where did all of these people come from?

The amazing thing about the Grand Canyon (besides that it is an amazing place to experience) is that people from all over the world are here. Today, we heard: German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, English, and American languages. How cool is that?Tony on edge of Mather Point

We also learned that there are many people in the world that either: (a) Can’t read or (b) Are completely brain-dead and don’t value their own lives. Do the words: “Stay behind the barrier” mean anything, folks? We saw so many people go over railing so they could take pictures ON THE EDGE. What? There are constant warnings all over the park stating not to do that? Oh! Those rules are for everyone else but me. No wonder people die here each year. (FYI: My hubby looks like he is on the edge here, but he isn’t. There is more of the path below him. He offered to have me in the picture with him. I didn’t think so…)

littlegcedge.jpgToday, we stopped at Little Colorado River Gorge. This is an outlook that is approximately 1800 feet down to the Little Colorado River. I was NOT thrilled to go look over the edge. My husband laughed when he grabbed my “clammy” hands. Personally, the railing was a bit damp. No, really. Heights? Me afraid of them? Well….

After getting into the Grand Canyon, we visited the Back Country office for an update about the Hermit Trail for tomorrow’s trek into the unknown. The ranger said: “Ice isn’t a problem at the time of year as the Hermit Trail is a west-facing trail. The ice has mostly melted off. There are a couple of rock slide spots that you need to watch out for and move around (Oh joy..). You scored a good itinerary for this time of year. Have a great time!” My husband was thrilled with her insight. I was less than happy with the rock slide update. *Gulp* Thankfully, we won’t need cramp-ons (spiked tire chains for your boots) as the snow has mostly melted off.

We will be leaving around 7am on Monday morning. That will be almost 5 days without any electronics. No phones, computers, e-mail, television, instant messaging…NADA. It will be 5 days of: rocky trails, the Colorado River, bugs, wildlife, rocks under my sleeping back, dehydrated vittles, filtered water, “Navy showers”, sun/wind burn, stargazing, picture taking, and family bonding. It will be a hike of a lifetime. Wish us luck. We will be back to civilization on Friday, March 28th. Happy Trails!

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  1. jjabl Says:

    Have a grand time!!
    Want to hear all about it when you return to civilization next weekend.

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