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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » 6 Months of Training vs. the Flu Bug. Winner: Flu Bug

6 Months of Training vs. the Flu Bug. Winner: Flu Bug

February 16th, 2008

To say I am angry would be understatement of a lifetime. I am so beyond frustrated.

I have been training for 6 months in order to run the 3M and AT&T Half Marathons. I ran the 3M in 2:09 in January and was looking forward to beating that time for the AT&T. That was until I got the flu earlier this week.

My son and I have been sick all week (with all the nasty symptoms). I have been praying that I would recover quickly so I could run the AT&T tomorrow. I was starting to feel a bit better on Friday morning and thought “finally, I can run”. As the day went on, I started to cough and cough. The dry cough I had earlier in the week had turned into a strong, wet cough and wheezing.

I picked up my husband from the airport last night and he said that I sound like I am on the road to getting either Broncitis or pneumonia. He forbid me from running the half as I could hospitalize myself by running 13.1 while sick. My lungs are already weak from 5 days of coughing.

I coughed all night long and got less than 5 hours of sleep. I woke up this morning with a very sore chest and wet coughing. I know my husband cares for me and wants me better. I know that he is right about running that distance and being so sick. However, I am just soooooo angry about it.

I have been training for 6 months and now have a $50 t-shirt that says I ran a race that I was too sick to run. My husband said: “Babe, life isn’t fair.” No, it certainly isn’t.

So, while thousands are running the AT&T half and full marathon tomorrow, I will be at home feeling sorry that I couldn’t be one of them.

Stupid flu….darn you….I hate you for ruining 6 months of training and making me miserable.

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