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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » 10 Reasons to Run

10 Reasons to Run

February 6th, 2008

I put in today’s 5 mile run onto the Nikeplus site and saw this post. As I have done many of these, I thought it was funny.

Top 10 Reasons to Run

10 – So you can get up and run at 6 AM before work, when it is 20 degrees outside and all you want to do is sleep another hour, but you know that if you do, you’ll hate yourself the rest of the day.

9 – So your toes can get so ugly to the point that you’re ashamed to wear flip-flops.

8 – So you can tell someone your weekly mileage and get the response, “50 miles?! I don’t even drive that far!” And you can smile and fake a laugh like you haven’t heard it 900 times before. Or they’ll ask how you can enjoy running 26.2 miles and then call you crazy.

7 – So you can double or even triple your shower and grocery bills.

6 – So that the checkout guy at the grocery store gives you a weird look when you’re standing in line with three jars of vaseline.

5 – So you can do laundry three times a week and still run out of matching socks.

4 – So that your muddy, dirty shoes can start piling up outside your door because they’re too smelly to bring inside, and you can listen to your neighbors complain about it everytime you run into them in the hallway.

3 – So that by the time one o’clock rolls around at work, you feel like curling up under your desk and taking a two hour nap.

2 – So you can eat a huge dinner and an hour later you’re hungry again.

1 – Oh, yeah…the health benefits.

The AT&T Half is 11 days away. Sure hope I can make it up and down all those hills!

2 Responses to “10 Reasons to Run”

  1. Brotha Man Says:

    You forgot:

    11) You are being chased by something with teeth.

  2. Shan Says:

    Well, there is always THAT. 😀

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