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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » …and I thought 100 miles was good! WRONG!

…and I thought 100 miles was good! WRONG!

January 29th, 2008

I have mentioned here before that I run with my iPod Nano with the Nike+ add thingymajig (it keeps track of calories burned, distance, pace, etc.). I LOVE this set up. It helps keep me running even when I want to stop and walk.

Anyways, I am on a few challenge groups on the Nike+ site. Just a bunch of ladies trying to lose weight by eating right and running. After my 5 mile run this morning, I plugged my iPod into my USB port and pulled up the Nike+ site. I am just shy of 100 for January. For me, that’s good. Something to be proud of. That is over 12,000 calories I have burned this month. Woohoo! I am also currently in the lead for my challenges as the most miles logged for the month. Again, wooohoo!

Out of curiosity, I went looking on the Nike+ site for other challenges. There are tons and tons of them on there. Challenges for countries, occupations, men vs. women, etc. There were also many having mile goals for the year: “Run 1000 miles in 2008”, etc. I joined one of those thinking: “I might be able to do that. Wow! What an accomplishment THAT would be!”

I join the challenge and it kicks me to the LEADER BOARD. I swear, I did a cartoon “bug eyed” look at my computer monitor. The leader of the board must run in his sleep. This man, in 29 days has run 462 miles!!!! That averages to just shy of 16 miles A DAY!?! Funny thing is, he wasn’t the only insomniac runner. The guys right behind him were in the high 400 miles too.

Let’s just think about this…the average runner is supposed to get a new pair of shoes every 300-400 miles. That would mean that these runners are getting a new pair of shoes every 3 weeks?!!! I sure hope they have secured endorsements (or are trust-fund babies).

Do these people have jobs? Maybe they are professional runners. I would think with those insane miles that they would have to be. Either that, or they are “running messengers” in large cities. “This package has to be delivered 10 blocks away. Do you think you can do it?” Who needs a bike messenger when you can send a fast marathon runner?

So, I realized that my 100 miles wasn’t that impressive. Well, to me it is a start. I don’t really think I will be in the same league as those other runners – ever. Not because I can’t do it, mind you. It is just that I can’t afford new shoes every 3 weeks!

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