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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » No Hugging Allowed? What’s next?

No Hugging Allowed? What’s next?

November 16th, 2007

I wanted to write about this last week, but have been swamped. Did you hear that a 13-year-old girl in Mascoutah, Illinois was given detention because she hugged her classmates? When I heard about this on the news, I thought: “Here we go. We have finally gone over the edge!”Kids Hugging

I realize that the public school system has craziness to deal with. Problems such as: Disrespect of teachers, cheating, gang violence, etc. are becoming the norm. However, shouldn’t school administrators concentrate on these problems and the declining grades of our children? Is catching students hugging their friends something that should be treated as “no tolerance”? Seriously, is that really what our taxes are going to – Hugging Monitors?

Makes you kind of wonder where this will lead. Next, schools will be adopting a “no tolerance” for: high fives, hand-holding between boyfriends/girlfriends, talking at lunch, playing at recess, or doing labs with a partner.

Why are we concentrating on something that is good & pure (i.e. hugging) and penalizing students for it? Shouldn’t administrators be concentrating on whether a high school senior can read or even fill out a job application properly? Shouldn’t they be worrying on whether students can balance a check book or know the history of our country? Come on people!

I find this situation totally ludicrious. I can not believe that a student is not allowed to hug her best friends without being treated like a criminal. Makes me wonder how I ever made it through school. I was a hugger. If this rule was in place when I was in school, I would be serving a life sentence in a state penitentiary. I can just hear it now: “Hey, whatcha in for? Murder? Arson? Grand-Theft?” “No, something worse. I hugged my best friend in 6th grade.”

This is yet another example of “the Big Brother system” setting ridiculous rules. Nothing like taking away friendships and camaraderie. Bring on the metal detectors, playgrounds full of “non-threatening plastic play equipment”, teaching to the test, and fenced in school grounds. And people ask homeschoolers about socializing? Oh Please!

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