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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Dishonest over .25? *Rolling Eyes*

Dishonest over .25? *Rolling Eyes*

November 15th, 2007

Yesterday morning, I went online to renew our library books. We usually go to our public library on Wednesday as our music lessons are just down the street. We had two videos that we hadn’t had a chance to watch, so I wanted to renew them. When I pulled up our account, the system said that a book we had returned was still at home. Hmm… This has happened before. Three times before actually. I realize that the librarians miss checking in books from time to time. They are only human.

Anyway, I sent a note to the librarian via e-mail asking if they would look on their shelves. I knew that the book was returned and it must’ve been shelved without being put back into the system.

When we got done with music, we made our weekly trip to the library. For a Wednesday, the place was hopping. All three librarians had folks at the counter. I decided to go look for the book-in-question myself. Sure enough, there it was. Shelved without being checked back into the system.

I took it to the front and explained to the librarian what happened. The librarian (who looked more like a guy that should be riding BMX bikes for a living – more on that in a minute), got a bit “flustered”. “Ma’am, PLEASE don’t go to the shelves. Come straight to us. We have had people sneak in past due books in the past so they don’t have to pay the .25 fee. Not that you were doing that, but we would like to look for the books ourselves.”

Wait a second, did he say that people lie over .25? Why would someone lie oover .25? That doesn’t even make sense to me. I mean, I have had to pay a $5 late fee for library video that was forgotten under a car seat. I have had to pay $25 for a book that got a glass of water spilled on it. Why would I (or anyone other library patron) lie over .25? It truly boggles my mind. Are people that cheap and dishonest? Amazing.

Oh, back to the librarians thing. You know when you were in school and your librarian reminded you of your Aunt or sweet, elderly neighbor? Not any longer. Librarians are younger and more “hip”. At least they are in the libraries that we use in Austin. I am seeing more and more younger (and dare I say attractive) 20-something librarians. Is the Dewey Decimal system becoming a “cutting edge” job opportunity? Are they combing the national colleges for recruits? “Librarians. They aren’t just sweet, elderly women any more!”

3 Responses to “Dishonest over .25? *Rolling Eyes*”

  1. Tony Says:

    I am seeing more and more younger (and dare I say attractive) 20-something librarians.

    Sounds like I need to go to the library more often.

  2. Laura Says:

    I use the Austin library too, and you are right – the librarians are younger and younger – I feel like I’m at Starbucks, not the public library, when I checkout. Same with school teachers these days – and that gets some of them in trouble!!!

    I can’t believe people would lie over a quarter – I’ve done the double-digit fines before, too, over lost books – and wouldn’t have dreamt of lying about it. Kicking myself, yes – rounding down to hubby, possibly – but never lying. 😛

    FYI – I put a hold on a book at the APL, and I was the ‘next in line’ for 11 months – when I finally asked if it was lost, the librarian called the branch it was transferring from and that library went and “found” it on the shelf… I’d hate to be the patron before me!!! They probably had to pay for the book…

  3. Shan Says:

    Yikes! I guess I am too cheap. I always look on my account to see what is due (or past due). 11 months and it was on the shelf? Oh my! I would definitely fight that one.

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