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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Happy Thanksgiving! (You are now laid off)

Happy Thanksgiving! (You are now laid off)

November 13th, 2007

Why do large corporations think that laying off employees around the holidays is fun? Seriously. What isLaid Off it? Do they get a sick sense of joy by seeing people crushed? Do they love seeing employees pack up their office and turn in their key? My husband was “visited” by his contract firm this morning. His 2 yr. contract is up. His company has decided to cut contractors in his lab. What a wonderful way to say “Happy Thanksgiving”.

When my husband’s co-workers (the permanent employees) found out that he was being laid off, they started to freak out. The reason? My husband is doing the job of 4 employees in a 40 hour week. They laid off 3 other employees 6 months ago and told my husband that he was to get all the work done in 40 hours a week. NO OVERTIME ALLOWED. Now, they are letting him go. He monitors over 300 super computers for all over the world and they are letting him go.

Am I stressed out over this? You bet. We got a loan 4 months ago to liquidate our bills and remodel our 30+ yr. old home. Now, we have 1 bill and some in savings to pay for remodeling. It looks like God had plans for that money after all – to help us survive a lay off.

This is something like my husband’s 5th lay off in about 7 years. I hate the technical industry. They can be so heartless. It doesn’t matter if your fellow co-workers/bosses think you are doing a fantastic job. When the quarter comes around, they let contractors go. My husband’s company hasn’t hired anyone in years and years. Contractors are easier targets. You don’t pay them a severance, insurance, vacation pay, etc. You just say: “Turn in your key. You aren’t wanted here any longer.” *sigh*

With all the craziness in our lives, here is just one more to add to the pile. My husband reassured me on the phone (he waited an hour to tell me – I think he knew I would be a bit “upset”). He is trying to ask his technical friends if there are jobs out there. Of course, the holidays are the worst time to find a job.

As we are a single income family, this is going to be tough. However, I can fall back to waitressing (as a part-time job, it makes the most) again if we need the money. I have done that 3 times before. It has been really tough on our homeschooling and family, but it was necessary. I can do that again. I honestly hate it, but “you do what you gotta do”. Right?

So, here is to friends finding a suitable job that pays the bills (or Monster or the local classified ads). What a week…

6 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving! (You are now laid off)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hey Shan. Hang in there. My significant other just got laid off on Friday as well. I’m in the tech industry and have gone through the nightmares of contracting myself. But, you’re right… God has a plan. Things will work out as they’re meant to be.

  2. BayAreaDM Says:

    It’s so typical – the time of businesses caring about their employees has been over for about a decade. It is a mercenary business world out there, where the executives get the big bucks and the golden parachutes, while everyone else is left to fend for themselves. Company loyalty is an antiquated sentiment, which is not only sad, but very costly for businesses. When employees have constant fear of the axe, they are less likely to be looking out for the company, and more likely to be browsing Monster.com on company time. It might not be showing up on the balance sheets now, but give it time.

  3. Brotha Man Says:

    I quit my job, last day is January 1st. My biz partner quit the same place as well. The business response? They are now going to outsource to a company in India.

    Let us think that through: The Enterprise Architect and Director of Development resign at the same time and the business response is to hand over all development to an unproven over seas development firm.


  4. Laura Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this… it seems to be going around these days. A friend’s hubby just lost his job two weeks ago due to the housing market crash (worked for a major homebuilder). My hubby works in an architect firm, and although he didn’t lose his job, we did lose $800+ a month in overtime when the crash hit… money we relied on as a single-income family to make ends meet. Those ends got a lot shorter recently, let me tell you… and I pray all the time that his job doesn’t end, because for the first time in 7 years (since he got the job) I am concerned that it might. The tech industry is so shaky – I’ll keep ya’ll in prayer, that he’ll find something and soon. You’re right, no time like he holidays to sock it to you… what jerks.

  5. Shan Says:

    What on earth is this world coming to? You used to hear of people being with a company for 20 yrs. or more. Now, companies are lucky to have someone for 5. With the rising costs of gasoline, housing, health care, food, etc., people have to look out for themselves. How many companies provide health care, holiday bonuses, and vacation pay any longer?

    Just 10 yrs. ago, I had a job where my boss “begged” me to work overtime. Now, you get reprimanded if you work over 40 (my husband was called on the carpet a few months ago because he worked 41 hours one week – craziness!)

    As for letting people go to send jobs overseas, don’t get me started! How many people have lost their jobs this way? We have called technical support for a few items around our home, only to be sent across the world to get assistance.

    The days of hard work = good pay are leaving us, friends.

  6. BayAreaDM Says:

    The days of staying at a job for 20+ years is definitely over. I think hard work will still be rewarded, but in a different way. Now, you have to constantly sell yourself, and look out for number one – being valuable is not as important as being an “asset”.

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