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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » 2007 Daylight Savings hinders Trick-or-Treating

2007 Daylight Savings hinders Trick-or-Treating

November 2nd, 2007

Our family lives on a fairly busy road. On Halloween, we usually get between 100-150 children at our door. They come in all sizes. From the adorable “still in stroller” munchkins, to the 18 yr. old high schoolers. We give out glow necklaces and bracelets to them all.

Trick or Treaters As 2007 brought changes to our daylight savings (3 weeks earlier in March and 1 week later in November), my husband and I wondered if it would effect our trick-or-treaters. As we looked outside at 6pm on Halloween to see no trick-or-treaters, we started to wonder. We got our first child around 7:15 (over one hour past the normal time). We noticed that the children that came to our door were older. Perhaps it was because they were out at a later time?

As the evening concluded (just at 9pm), we wound up having about 40 children. Far fewer children then we normally would. Was the fact that the sun didn’t go down until later making the difference? We think so. We had older children at our door and definitely less out trick-or-treating.

I suppose the upside to the story is for the children that did go out. My son came home with 6.5 POUNDS of candy. People were piling on the candy to the kids that did come to their door. My son and his friends also noticed that there were more teenagers out trick-or-treating and threatening smaller children.

I know the government thought that an additional week of light would please most adults. However, I don’t think they thought about the little ones that look forward to dressing up one night a year and asking for candy. Thank goodness there are fall festivals and school parties. Although, our local school doesn’t allow kids to dress up any longer. That is a shame. I loved that day in school when I was young.

Maybe Halloween is becoming an obsolete holiday. I hope not. I really enjoy seeing little ones all dressed up. Yet another bit of childhood joy being taken away. How sad.

4 Responses to “2007 Daylight Savings hinders Trick-or-Treating”

  1. Laura Says:

    Now that you mention it, there were a LOT more older kids out this year. We always begin at the mall (to get candy for the kids) then head to the neighborhood and hit maybe a block of houses (for the “old” halloween experience). The mall was a lot less crowded than usual – they didn’t run out of candy while we were there, which is unusual – and when we got to the neighborhood, mainly ages 10 & up were trick-or-treating. That is sad – I never made the connection.

  2. Alex Henderson Says:

    18 yr. old high schoolers!! Hmmm… I’m shorter than most 18-year-old HSers and with my freckles I could almost pass for Raggedy Ann… add some red dye to my mop. Do you plan to hand out full size chocolate candy bars? We’ll come to your house! Giggle.

    Actually, my kids went to Fellowship’s Festival. Some of the decor scared my little one (age 3) into requiring a night light so we opted out of the whole door-to-door thing this year.

    Happy running,

    🙂 Alex

  3. sahmcal Says:

    I don’t know what your talking about with the age cap being at 18. I was trick-o-treating right along side my DD and DS. It was just like old times! **hehe**

  4. Shan Says:

    I have to admit that I trick-or-treated until I was 18. I was a short 18 yr. old and we lived out in the country. Most houses were pretty far apart so the neighbors didn’t mind that the “older kids” were trick-or-treating. Of course, back then kids seems a bit more respectful. That just my opinion. However, we did have a big group of high schoolers come to the door this year. When I said: “We are giving out glow-in-the-dark necklaces” (instead of high octane sugary sweets), the response I got was “Urgh”. Hmm…whatever happened to “Thanks a lot for the experience and free confections”???

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