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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Why can’t they all think like Elvis?

Why can’t they all think like Elvis?

September 27th, 2007

“I don’t like people who are in politics for themselves and not for others. You want that, you can go into show business.”
Elvis Presley, American rock ‘n’ roll icon (1935-1977)

Ah Elvis, you were so right. Our country is wrapping up a presidency and hunting for the next “shiny penny” candidate to replace him. Newspapers and news shows are buzzing with who will be on the ballot. It is everywhere you watch & read. So are the actors & actresses. army Elvis

Actors and actresses are paid for their talent. They are paid to be someone else in front of a movie camera or on a stage. They aren’t paid for their political views (or slandering of other parties). They are paid to entertain.

I have to say that I do get very peeved with actors/actresses that throw poisonous verbage towards our leader and country. We do have the freedom of speech. That is something that I believe and stand by. I may not agree with your words/views, but I do believe that you have a right to your opinion.

Actors/actresses like: Johnny Depp, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, etc. do bother me when they cut down our leaders and country as they do. Instead of condemning our leaders and country, get up and do something about it. Learn the issues, get folks to donate, and CHANGE the world. You have been blessed with a recognizable face and funds. Use what you were blessed with the stop diseases, poverty, the excessive use of natural resources, starvation, increasing spending and taxation, etc. Start by supporting our country, our troops, and hard-working men & women that make this country great. Anyone can put down others. A better person would take their frustration and turn it into support for those that need it.

Just remember “The King’s” words:

In a press conference in 1972, Elvis made his philosophy clear when asked what he thought of war protesters and whether he would refuse to be drafted: “Honey, I’d just soon to keep my own personal views to myself. ‘Cause I’m just an entertainer and I’d rather not say.”

Elvis, you were a smart man.

5 Responses to “Why can’t they all think like Elvis?”

  1. BayAreaDM Says:

    Sorry, but our leaders and much of our country deserve to be “cut down”. Maybe by speaking up, they ARE trying to CHANGE the world. It all starts with a voice. Do they deserve more respect than the common person? Probably not. But most of them are educated on topics, and have formed an opinion based on that education. You can not say that for most of Americans.

  2. Shan Says:

    I agree about speaking out when you are unhappy about something. However, there is a difference between complaining and doing something about it. I don’t like to see people go hungry, therefore, I volunteer for a local food bank. That is doing something about something that bothers you.

    What I don’t agree with is famous people cutting down our country. Does it really look good to the world when the Dixie Chicks say that our president is evil and that our country sucks? To me, it sounds like rats jumping off of a ship. “I don’t like what is going on, so I will cut it down and bail out.”

    I have respect for people like Harry Connick Jr. He was WORKING with people that lived through Katrina. He was rebuilding homes. He wasn’t on the television saying: “We need to do something about this, but it won’t be me doing it.” My husband and I raised over $2K and he went to Louisiana for over a week to help total strangers after Katrina. THAT is what I mean.

    There is a big difference between complaining and getting up and DOING. Just my .02.

  3. BayAreaDM Says:

    I agree completely – put up or shut up. I too heard about Harry Connick Jr., and he, you, and others have my full respect. I have family outside of New Orleans, and I’ve been there a couple times since Katrina. So you are assuming that the stars you mentioned have not done anything for Katrina or other charities? The Dixie Chicks have done plenty, for example. So does that give them the right to blast our government? If they could do something productive to impeach the President, I’m sure they would. How about the soldiers coming back, limbless, getting neglected by the VA – do they get to comment? Sorry if I’m rambling, but I hope I’m making a point here.

  4. jaq Says:

    It is so simple minded of Celebrities to use their exposure to give verbal abuse of their limited understanding of government. the ones who make progress speak quietly to the organizations and make progress. The others look for the same sensations that put them out-front to voice their 10 second opinions, hopefully influencing the other 10 second mind set. Hopefully, in 10 seconds their ideals will be as goofy as they are to those who give a bit more importance to freedom.

  5. Shan Says:

    Bravo! My thoughts exactly…

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