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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Men’s Clothing vs. Women’s Clothing

Men’s Clothing vs. Women’s Clothing

September 26th, 2007

When my husband got dressed this morning, I had a funny thought. He wears casual clothing to work (jeans & a t-shirt) and had on a pair of Levi’s. I noticed that his jeans had the classic size label on the back. That struck me as funny.

Men don’t care what size they are. They even advertise it on their jeans. You would NEVER catch a woman wearing clothing that advertises their size. Can you just imagine it? “I know that these jeans say Size 12, but it is a mistake. I actually wear a 2.” How funny.

Another thing you notice is the more expensive a clothing brand/label, the smaller the sizes are for women. The label might say “Size 4”, when in actuality the woman wears a size 10. That smaller size is all psychological. Women want to be a smaller size. Men want smaller women.

Men don’t really care about what size they wear. They do want a trim lady that wears a smaller size. Here’s an idea for men looking for a Christmas gift. Buy an expensive pair of pants for your lady. Buy the smallest size on the rack.  When she opens it, she will be flattered that you think she is a “Size 0” and love you forever. Sure, she will exchange the pants. However, it is the smaller size that counts.

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