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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Women smoking CIGARS?! Why not?

Women smoking CIGARS?! Why not?

September 24th, 2007

My wonderful husband likes cigars. He realized this about 6 months ago. Since then, we have visited ourCigars & women local cigar shop and found cigars that he likes. Not the grocery store cheap cigars. No, these are the sit for 2 hours and enjoy $5+ cigars. To me, they smell wonderful. My dad used to smoke cigars when I was a little girl. I remember asking for the cigar ring and wearing it with pride.

Here I am, 30+ yrs. later and enjoying the smell of cigars once more. About two months ago, my husband asked if I wanted to try a cigar. As my mom was a cigarette smoker that frequently battled Bronchitis, I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my lungs. However, my husband instructed me on the proper technique for smoking a cigar – don’t inhale. Just take in the draw into your mouth and then slowly blow out. I thought I would turn green (just like in the movies), but I didn’t. It wasn’t bad. Nothing to write home about though. I enjoyed the smell of them, but wasn’t interested on lighting up.

Months had passed and we had visited the cigar shop more. As I am approaching 40 and have been good all of my life (never gotten drunk, just tipsy….never taken an illegal drug…never toiletpapered a house…never lied on my taxes…never smoked a cigarette…etc.), I thought that I would be “daring”. Ok, daring for ME. I thought that “maybe” I would smoke a cigar.

My husband smokes a cigar 2-3 times a week. I think that is called a light cigar smoker. He does it to relax. Every now and then, he will have a small glass of whiskey to go with it. As our weekend was closing, he decided to smoke out on our back porch. As I had been working out in the yard for hours and had hung drywall for a bit in our remodeled bathroom, I sat on the porch to relax. I asked if I could try his cigar. I took two draws and said I thought the one he was smoking was a bit strong for me. Would I like to try one for myself? He suggested that I get one in the house that was more mild. I thought: “Why not?”

After some instruction on cutting, lighting, and getting the cigar going…I was enjoying a Vegas 5 Gold. Not a bad cigar. Not expensive and not strong. I have to admit that it was REALLY WEIRD to be smoking a cigar though. Women don’t do that! Well, actually..they do. I have been reading a bit, and it seems that some women do enjoy cigars. Some find it to be a feminist thing. For those that know me, that would be like saying the Moon is made of crepe paper. It is so far from the truth for me.

I can see why my husband finds smoking a cigar relaxing. You are forced to sit still for 45-120 minutes and r-e-l-a-x. I enjoy the exotic aromas too. I wasn’t prepared for the light-headed feeling I got after smoking one. My husband said that was the nicotine. Hmm…I’m already loopy. Not sure if I need to exaggerate it more though.

Will I smoke another cigar in the future? I probably will. As for drawback, I really only had two complaints. I wasn’t crazy about the “cigar breath” that I had for several hours afterwards. I didn’t like the light-headed feeling either. It was sort of like having a shot of liquor. I guess I wasn’t expecting that from a cigar. Not bad, just different.

What did I like about it? The smell was wonderful. Being forced to relax with my crazy schedule was great. Being able to enjoy something else that my husband likes was a perk too (not really into cars or computers like he is).

I am far from cigar aficionado. However, I just might try another one in the future.

2 Responses to “Women smoking CIGARS?! Why not?”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    HHmmm.. not sure what I think about that (LOL)! I’ve never liked the smell of cigarettes or cigars or anything like that.

  2. Breana Says:

    If there is any comfort, there are more and more women smoking cigars. I am one for one. It is always best to indulge in ones that are a bit milder for your first experiences and to not smoke on an empty stomach. That might help the the light headed feeling.

    Congrats on your first premium cigar experience. I hope you have many more!

    Breana Blaque

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