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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Distant relations? Quite an eye-opener!

Distant relations? Quite an eye-opener!

September 21st, 2007

My father-in-law wanted to do a family tree for our children. He originally started investigating on his own, but realized that it was tough. So, he joined a well-known geneology site. What he found out about my side of the family really surprised me. I have some famous relatives. Who would’ve thought?!

In my family tree are:

  • John Wayne (actor and star of my Favorite movie-The Quiet Man)
  • JFK (35th president)
  • Franklin Pierce (14th president)
  • William Taft (27th president)
  • Winchester (as in the rifle)
  • John Parker (a revolutionary war hero)
  • Samuel Morse (Mr. Morse code himself)
  • James Abram Garfield (20th president)
  • Will Bill Hickok (gunfighter & law man)
  • Robert Frost (famous poet)
  • Barbara Bush (wife of George and mother to George W.)
  • Chester Arthur (21st president)
  • T.S. Elliot (poet)
  • Bette Davis (actress)
  • Shirley Temple (actress)
  • John Steinbeck (author)

Geneology is pretty cool. My husband’s side of the family is just as impressive. If you ever get a chance to research your family tree, you will be surprised at who you are related to.

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    What a COOL list of relatives! We’ve been doing a little family tree research this year to go along with our TOG time period…. Ellis Island, immigaration, etc.

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