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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Learning Espanol hurts my brain

Learning Espanol hurts my brain

September 20th, 2007

I took Spanish in high school. My teacher, Mr. Villa, was a tyrant (well, I thought so). When I was a freshman, I got a D (for “didn’t do homework”). My parents weren’t happy. I blamed Mr. Villa. Learning a new language is really tough. I did go back in my Junior year and got a B. After that, I walked away from Spanish.

Here I am, a homeschooling mom, with a child that is learning Spanish. He is taking it from his tutor. He thought he was being sneaky by not doing the homework for 3 weeks straight. Sneaky caught up with him when he failed his first test this last week. So, Mom is stepping in and learning Spanish again.

Funny thing about a foreign language that you once studied, it comes back to you when you need it. As I was going through my son’s notes & flashcards, I started to remember what good ‘ol Mr. Villa taught me. It was like riding a bike. Sure, I have fallen off for the last 22 yrs., but I do sort of remember how to ride. Huh! Who would have thought that I actually learned something?

I thought when we put our son into two tutored classes that I could relax for those two subjects. Wrong! A good parent steps in and makes sure that all assignments are done. Yes, my son thinks my husband and I are “mean parents” for ensuring that he knows his subjects. Me? I think that is what parenting is all about.

To Mr. Villa, sorry I thought you were an evil man with a textbook full of answers. I did learn something from you. I had no idea I would need that knowledge 20+ yrs. from when you were teaching me. Gracias senor. Muchos gracias.

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  1. Cynthia Says:

    LOL! I found I also had to try to remember some Spanish so I could help my kids in their co-op class… it hurt my brain, too!

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