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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Can someone explain Male Stubbornness?

Can someone explain Male Stubbornness?

August 30th, 2007

My husband’s Grandpa is stubborn. Granted, he is in his 70’s and entitled to be set in his ways. I don’t mean that here. He has a heart condition. He has a little machine in his chest that “kick-starts” his heart when it beats irregularly. That’s an important piece of machinery, don’t you think? Something that vital to life would need to be serviced and monitored, right? Wrong.

I just got a call from my mother-in-law. Grandpa is on his way to the hospital. His internal heart defibrillator (pacemaker) has needed servicing for a long time. He decided that it wasn’t that important. Well today the machine went off. He is now going to the hospital.

This is where confusion comes into play for me. WHY in the name of all that is holy would someone put off their health like that? This isn’t the first time we have rushed to the hospital with Grandpa. He has been hospitalized probably 5 or so times since my husband and I have been married. Two times ago we thought it was his time. He had pneumonia so bad that the hospital suggested a “Do Not Resuscitate” form that Nana could sign. That was a close call.

Our entire family so loves this cranky man. Why on Earth would he not put his health first? Does this man feel like torturing his family over and over again? I have gotten to the point that I HATE going to the hospital. I have been there so many times over the last 10 yrs. or so with various relatives. No offense to the medical profession – I just hate sickness and death.

So..since I can’t really tell Grandpa how I feel to his face (that would NOT go over well), I will say it here: “What the #%$* are you thinking? Don’t you realize that you are stressing all of us out by not taking care of yourself? We want you around for a long time. KNOCK THIS OFF!”

Ok, time to wait by the phone and see when visiting hours are. *grumble grumble*

5 Responses to “Can someone explain Male Stubbornness?”

  1. Schadeboy Says:

    It sounds like your Grandpa-in-law is a standard-issue guy. Guys like this come with a set of factory-set configurations that can only be reset by a licensed technician. These configurations include the following:

    1 – Refuses to ask directions

    2 – Doesn’t read owner’s manuals

    3 – Will not go to the doctor if his life depended on it

    4 – Requires one of the following: (a) sports, (b) power tools, or (c) both.

    5 – Considers things like severed limbs, chest pains, or seething open wounds to be “minor irritations” or “mere flesh wounds” (see point 3).

    The manufacturer has been notified of these design flaws, but has decided that a mass recall is not required. So, unfortunately, unless you’re willing to pay for a brain transplant, there’s not much that can be done.

  2. Schadeboy Says:

    By the way, as the CIO for Twilight Teez, I am responding to the comment you left regarding the birth of our son. I want to thank you for the kind words, but I should inform you that Twilight Teez is not run by Stephenie Meyer. The company is run by myself and my wife. I will forward your wonderful comments about her books to her, though. She will appreciate hearing them.

  3. Shan Says:

    LOL about Grandpa. Thankfully, we just got a call that the hospital said he is fine. He WILL need the battery changed asap. That was why his pacemaker went off. He could drive 1.5 hours away to the veterans hospital and have it replaced asap. Nope. He would rather wait until the local hospital staff is certified in battery replacements and is accepted by Medicaid. *sigh* Men!

    As for Twilight Teez, I read about your site after I posted my note. What a silly girl I am. I do want to say that your little miracle is adorable. Enjoy EVERY moment. My 11 yr. old son now knows EVERYTHING (ok, not really, but he thinks he does) and is saving for his first car. No, really.

    The t-shirt designs on your site are wonderful. I am debating on whether one would look appropriate on my 38 yr. old body. I do wear bowling shirts and Converse shoes, though. It isn’t like my family and friends don’t know I am a bit “strange”. *grin*

    Keep up the great work and adorable site. Enjoy being a mom & business owner. I have been both and finding the time for “me” was really tough.

    Take care!

  4. Schadeboy Says:

    I will take the advice about enjoying our little bundle (we have five, now), and I most certainly enjoy being a business owner. But I simply cannot fulfill the advice about enjoying being a mom. I just find it very hard, considering I don’t have the right parts. I’ll blame my parents for that, though. Or Global Warming, whichever is more convenient.

    -Brian (most definitely a guy) Schade
    Twilight Teez

  5. Shan Says:

    LOL Brian! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Can I get by with a “Whoops”? Being a Dad is just as tough. I wanted to recommend (if you have sons) The Dangerous Book (see the post before where I give a short review). It is a WONDERFUL book about things to teach sons.

    Being a business owner is a catch-22. You make your own hours and have the freedom to run things how you like. You also have to put the needs of the business before vacations, etc. That can be tough. I had a home daycare with 9 (yup, NINE) boys at one time. When everyone went home at the end of the day, I just wanted to crawl into bed and tell the rest of the world to GO AWAY!

    Congratulations on all accounts. I pray that the rest of this year and all that follow are filled with warm memories shared with loved ones and prosperous sales for your growing business!

    -Shan 🙂

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