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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Gilroy Garlic – The Stinking Rose Capital sells out

Gilroy Garlic – The Stinking Rose Capital sells out

August 2nd, 2007

One of the things that I loved about living in San Fransisco was on a perfectly windy day, you could get a whiff of garlic. How could you smell garlic up in San Fransisco? Well, when you lived in Redwood City/Belmont, you could smell garlic all the way from Gilroy. That is about 30 miles away.

Gilroy has been known as the “Garlic Capital of the World”. They hold the Garlic Festival every July paying tribute to the “stinking rose”. It is a wonderful event full of silliness and great food.

Recently, we read an article that Gilroy garlic farmers are selling their land to big business. Hearing this made me sad. I think that many people in the San Fransisco area will miss Gilroy if it sells out to strip malls. Gilroy will lose the charm and notarity that it has rightfully earned over the years. I really don’t think that Gilroy needs another Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Circuit City. When I think of Gilroy, I would rather think cute town with a passion for bulbous veggies than “another place to outfit my bathroom or buy a compact disk”.

As our world gets more populated, adorable cities such as Gilroy are selling out and moving over for apartment buildings and strip malls. If Gilroy sells out, who will be next? Sausalito? Half Moon Bay? I sure would hate to see the Pumpkin Festival extinguised by gas stations and pizza joints. Who needs small town charm when you can have redundant chain stores?

To read more about Gilroy here .

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