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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » When the going gets tough – PRAY!

When the going gets tough – PRAY!

April 26th, 2007

My day started off badly. My husband called 10 min. after leaving for work saying I needed to bring a tow strap and meet him just before the freeway. His car died. I met him and we towed his car to the local shop. My husband fixes his car all the time, but the fact that the car was leaking oil and coolant baffled him. Just for the shop to “look” at it is $100. *sigh*

Yesterday, I took our dog to a discount vet clinic (Animal Trustees of Austin). All was great there as we paid $49 for his shots instead of the normal $200 that our local vet charges. We did have to wait for 2 hours to see the vet, but the savings were well worth it. The vet did say that our 8 yr. old dog needs dental work right away. There are no discount vet dental clinics like ATA. Our local one charges $250 for a cleaning.

Ever notice that when it rains, IT POURS! My husband is still dealing Workman’s Comp after reporting carpal tunnel in both wrists SIX MONTHS AGO. Big blue laid off over 1/2 the people in his dept., but he and a few others have to make up for it. He is in CONSTANT pain and the Workman’s Comp (and State until they decide who is right) won’t give him any pain medication. Seeing my grown/strong dh cry because of pain is heart wrenching. I feel totally powerless. I would trade his pain with him in a second. No one should be in pain like that. His contract firm stopped calling him. They are “looking” for a reason to let him go. Big Blue says he is a great employee (sure wish they were hiring again). His contract firm hates him because he filed workman’s comp. and that he doesn’t kiss up to them. Morons. Total morons.

On top of all of this, my mom-in-law is getting laid off. My dad-in-law is dealing with disability. Great-Grandparents aren’t feeling 100%. There are just days you want to go back to bed. As the day started, I was feeling really low and having a major pity-party.

After my first cup of coffee, I said a few hearty prayers and “got to work”. First, I posted on several local Yahoo boards asking for inexpensive dental care referrals for my dog. I called several animal clinics and 2 animal shelters. No one could help me. When I got done, I checked my e-mail. I had about 20 messages from local people with vet dental referrals. Wowwie! How cool is THAT?! I did get a few crazy responses like: “Just go buy some big beef bones and that will work just fine.” I plan on calling several of the places tomorrow for more information. It looks like I might be able to cut the average dental cost in half. Woohoo!

Onto my husband’s car. My husband went online earlier on his local car club website explaining the car trouble. (At this point I will say that my husband is the kind of guy that is always there when you need him. Although he has bad carpal tunnel right now, he is always having fellow “gear heads” over to give advice on how to repair their old Land Rovers). Anyways, one of the guys on the board said that he knows a mechanic at the repair shop and would put in a good word for him. My husband went by the repair shop on the way home. The mechanic said he is 95% sure that the problem is a broken water pump. The shop would charge around $250 for the part plus labor. We would be looking at around $600 to repair the car. As my husband can work on Land Rovers, the mechanic suggested going out and finding the part himself.

Well, my husband found a new water pump on Ebay for $75! That is a huge savings right there (not to mention the labor costs). How awesome is that?! I can totally see spending $75 versus $600.

So, I got a “kick in the pants” through faith that things would get better and prayers. How funny it is that when we are hitting the bottom, it just takes prayer and faith to bring us back. Thanks for reminding me “Big Guy”. You are awesome indeed.

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