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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Capitol 10K, Mimosas, and Our Obnoxious System

Capitol 10K, Mimosas, and Our Obnoxious System

March 27th, 2007

I ran the Austin Capitol 10K on Saturday. It was hill, hill, hill, hill, straight, hill, hill….(you get the point). I really wanted to run the 6+ miles in under an hour. It was REALLY sticky that morning (90% humidity). I was doing great with pace until I heard the word “Mimosa”. I saw up ahead that a couple was serving tiny little cups (like your dentist uses for mouth wash) for Mimosa cups. I thought: “Why not?!”, so I ran over. There were no cups poured so I waited a second, chugged it down, said thanks and kept running. I finished my run in 1:00:30. Yup, 30 seconds over. Would I drink that Mimosa again? YOU BET!

I am really angry today. My husband filed with his contract firm in October 2006 for carpal tunnel in his left wrist. His company, Big Blue, had laid off many people in his department. Although there were less people, the workload was the same. My husband had to step up his workload, but was told that he could not put in overtime. Needless to say, he started eating lunch at his desk.

Anyway, after seeing 3 doctors (our family doctor and 2 specialists), having a painful nerve conduction test, and being told that he has severe carpal tunnel in both wrists and one elbow, he was told that he is “faking it” by the Workman’s Comp. company. He called his contract firm 3 months ago saying that he would have to go to a lawyer. They never called him, sent him an e-mail, or visited after that. It has been SIX MONTHS and my husband has had NO pain meds. None. We were told by our personal insurance company that they won’t touch the case until after the state board has reviewed it. He has an appointment with the state next month! They have been sitting on the paperwork for over a month now. Ahhh!!!

As my husband is only getting between 3-4 hours of sleep a night (and can’t play Lego with our son, drive long distances, work any length of time on his car, fix things around the house, type for long periods of time, etc.), he decided he had had enough. He scheduled a meeting with his supervisor at Big Blue for this morning. His super sent him an e-mail saying that they are “hands off” and that his contract firm would see him for the meeting. FINALLY! He would get to talk to someone at his firm.

He went there this morning. The meeting lasted maybe 8 minutes. He took a huge folder in with him with all the correspondence, doctor records, etc. They told him that they couldn’t help him at all. They told him that if he were “really in pain” that he should pay for the surgery out of pocket on his own. SAY WHAT???!!!! We are a one income family taking care of a disabled father-in-law. Why should he pay for an injury that happened WHILE ON THE JOB out of our pockets? The pain in his wrists started after all the employees were laid off. This is WORK RELATED! We aren’t looking for a dime in this whole thing. My husband just wants relief/surgery and get back to the job he enjoys doing. That’s it.

I can’t begin to tell you how depressed I am for my husband. He is such an honest, good man. It kills me to see him in so much pain. He has always been such a “happy-go-lucky” kind of guy. Lately, he has been depressed and snaps at our family over the littlest things. I know it is because he is in pain. I feel so helpless. It is so incredibly difficult to see those you love in pain and be unable to take any of it away.

I am SO ANGRY at “the system” right now. The contract firm is spineless, the Workman’s Comp is worthless, and the State sees us just as a number in the system. Aahhh!!! Honest people just don’t win any longer.

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