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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Pre-Teen and knowing everything

Pre-Teen and knowing everything

March 21st, 2007

For those that have “pre-teens” in their home, they will understand this comment. I wantTeenager to turn mine in and get a new model. I want to upgrade to the model that listens, doesn’t question EVERYTHING, does school in a timely manner, and appreciates my husband and I. Our current model must be defective. It used to have the above characteristics. Maybe the warranty ran out? Maybe it needs an oil change or a 100,000 mile servicing?

Whatever the reason for the current flawed model, I want it fixed. Now! My model went from being kind, loving, and hardworking to uncooperative, negative, and self-centered. I don’t believe that was in the owner’s manual. Come to think of it, our model didn’t come with an owner’s manual. Sure wish it had. Maybe I have done something wrong? I have tried to put the model first. We clothe it, feed it, make sacrifices so it is personally educated by us and trained professionals, provide it with stimulating media and entertainment, etc. Maybe I am a bad owner? Maybe “I” am the one that is flawed?

I will continue to work with the current model. Maybe this is just a system error and it will reboot itself. I sure hope so. I miss the old model so much.

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