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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Something so small can mean so much

Something so small can mean so much

March 7th, 2007

Our ringsSeveral days ago, my husband of almost 17 yrs. lost his wedding ring. I realize that many men don’t like their wedding ring and never wear it. Mine does. Our matching rings were made by a friend. He carved them out of titanium for us. (If you have ever seen the movie Abyss and watch the scene where Ed Harris stops the submarine door from closing with his ring…you will see our rings.) The picture to the left is our ring. Anyway, they are special to us. Really not worth much monetarily, but priceless to us.

As I was saying (I tend to ramble), my husband lost his ring several days ago. As he is experiencing painful carpal tunnel in both hands, he can’t feel his fingers 95% of the time. He thought that maybe it had fallen off of his finger when he was driving home (ever notice that men tend to lean one arm out the window while driving?). We have both looked high and low for this ring. We’ve pretty much torn the place apart and found nothing.

This morning, I was making our bed and what did I find? THE RING! Woohoo! Man, were we both thrilled to have found it. What is it about a piece of metal that could mean so much? We both wear our rings with pride. We are so fortunate to be married for so long…and happily (I might add). All I can say is that I am happy it is back on my husband’s hand. These rings are part of us both. Glad to have you back home.

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  1. Tony Says:

    You forgot to mention all my other bad luck. You know, the trashed digital camera, the broken PSP, the inability to enjoy any of my hobbies, etc. Driving to work today my iPod played a song that totally summed up my life currently: Smash Mouth’s – Story of my Life.

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