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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Ups & Downs of Homeschooling Part 2

Ups & Downs of Homeschooling Part 2

March 7th, 2007

My husband recently mentioned on a chat board that we homeschool our child. As we always hear: “Aren’t you concerned about the lack of socialization?” Do people really think that sitting in a classroom full of children the exact same age and not being allowed to interact/talk about anything until recess is SOCIALIZATION? For us, it is far from it.

Socialization to us is being allowed to interact with all ages, occupations, nationalities, etc. Our homeschool life allows us this freedom daily. Our ds doesn’t need to raise his hand to go to the bathroom or wait his turn to ask for help with a math problem. The fact that the general population doesn’t realize what wonderful freedom homeschooling allows makes me sad at times. Let me give you a for instance…

I am not a math genius. Far from it, really. My brother was a whiz in math and so was my Mom. My Dad and I were/are artists. My favorite subjects were art, poetry, history (but only the parts were I learned about the people – I couldn’t have cared less about the battles or dates), P.E., botany, and print shop. All other subjects were boring to me. I think that God really has a wonderful sense of humor because he gave me a child that really doens’t like art or the subjects that I find interesting. He likes math, science, and “building stuff”.

Here is where the beauty of homeschooling comes in. I have a father-in-law that is a math whiz. He is also unable to work due to epilepsy. Recently, he has started to work on advanced math with my ds. What a joy to be able to pass the baton to someone that is gifted in an area I am not!

I don’t think most folks realize how many wonderful opportunities homeschoolers have. Besides the freedom to practice their own religion (or not), travel anywhere and take a field trip at the drop of a hat, we can do: Sports, foreign languages, debate, sciene & math team, PSIA, scouts, musical instrument classes, martial arts, and even college classes. When a homeschooling family needs someone that is trained in a certain area, we can join a cooperative or take special classes in that subject. We will be taking special courses this next semester from retired professors in Spanish and Science Lab. Smaller classes allow the students more “hands on” work then traditional schools would.

The misconception is that homeschoolers fill their days by only staying within the walls of their homes reading books. This is SO FAR from the truth! We have the freedom to experience life and meet new people each and every day. I am SO THANKFUL that we have this freedom in our country.

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  1. pistol pete Says:

    For a humorous take on “socialization”, check on my recent post – “Homeschool Hostages” on my blog – “Necessary Therapy”.

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