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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » What IS IT about IKEA?

What IS IT about IKEA?

February 28th, 2007

What is the draw of IKEA? I love that place. There is something about the clean lines and simple style that draws me to their store/catalog. Maybe they put some kind of hypnotic ingredients in their meatballs (which I have to enjoy each time I shop there). Maybe I am being brainwashed into the “Furni” culture (from Fight Club). Whatever the draw, I am hooked.

IKEA boxesI find myself wanting to “de-clutter” this year. Truly. I feel like I am swimming in so much lately that I am drowning. Our living room is full of items to sell on Craig’s List or Ebay. I can’t wait to have a garage sale to get this stuff outta here!

That brings me back to IKEA. I have drooled over a desk set and bookshelves the last few times we were there. How nice it would be to have a school room that is full of matching furniture, maps, books filled with amazing subjects, and LESS CLUTTER. Our beautiful, school bus yellow room will soon look like it is from an IKEA catalog. Clean lines and organization. Oh, happy day!

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