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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » No Marathon Tomorrow…WDW in 2008?

No Marathon Tomorrow…WDW in 2008?

February 17th, 2007

MickeyCan you be sad and giddy with excitement at the same time? I think it is possible because I sort of feel like that. First, I am sad. I pulled my hip badly two weeks ago and am unable to run the AT&T Marathon tomorrow.

I went to the running expo today to pick up my running packet. Everyone in the place looked excited. There was energy in the air. Folks were going to do great things tomorrow. I felt horrible. I was there to get my $80 t-shirt and go home. The chipper ladies at the registration counter wished me: “Have a great race tomorrow” when I got my shirt. I looked at them and said: “I wish I could. I pulled a hip and unfortunately can’t run.” They all looked sorry for me, and honestly I wanted someone else to feel miserable with me. This stinks!

All I wanted to do was get out the door and go home. As I was walking to the door I noticed the Walt Disney World Marathon booth. Man! I have heard of that race before and have always thought it would be SO COOL to run it. On a whim, I went over and grabbed the brochure. I threw it in my bag and drove home.Cinderella's Castle

An hour later I was going through the “goody bag”…my shirt, some gloves, a Clif bar, a bag of brown rice (no kidding), brochures to other races…and the Walt Disney World brochure. I showed it to my hubby thinking he would hardly glance at it and say “Uh huh” and that was that. He didn’t. He looked it over and said he thought we could go in 2008. HUH!?! But, but, but…

Then, the wheels started turning. Why couldn’t I run in it? We have been to WDW something like 4 times in the last 6 years. Our family loves going there. We usually have a great time. Last time wasn’t so great as they messed up our reservation and Park Hopper Passes. We weren’t planning on going anytime soon. Now, I am not so sure. I really want to do this. I want to run this race.

Let’s face it, I will never be a professional runner. I run for fun. I run to enjoy the outdoors. It makes me feel happy and healthy. I don’t run fast, and I am okay with that. I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon or New York City Marathon. I am not that serious a runner. If I can’t run in the two most serious marathon races, why not run in the most fun?

How great would it be to run through all 4 Disney parks? How cool would it be to run through Cinderella’s Castle or run through the different countries in the Epcot World Showcase? Come on! That would be great! I can just picture me running with my Mickey ears now…..

We are calling WDW tomorrow for more information. I’m crossing my fingers. The run isn’t cheap ($105) and that doesn’t include airfare, lodging, food, or Park Hopper passes. The vacation is about $2-$3K. That gives me less than 11 months to save. Hey, I can wash cars, sell on Ebay, and have garage sales. I’m good with that. This is a dream that I really hope comes to a reality. I’ll keep you posted.WDW Marathon

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  1. Michael Says:

    There is a lottery for the NYC Marathon, you do not have to qualify. and qualification is easy you just have to run 9 New York Road Runner races in the previous calendar year (Maybe moving to NYC)

    Good Luck

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