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Eclectic Thoughts from a Homeschool Mom » Nice Thanksgiving. Now onto Unemployment.

Nice Thanksgiving. Now onto Unemployment.

November 22nd, 2007

We had a great Thanksgiving. Our family came to our house and had a relaxed meal. I was really nervous about cooking the turkey, but everything turned out wonderful. My in-laws spoiled my husband and bought a $40+ turducken (a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey). Needless to say, we had A LOT of leftovers. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more smooth holiday feast. The food was great, the company was relaxed and joyous, and the games were fun.

With that said, our family now looks at unemployment for my husband. Tomorrow is his last day at Big Blue. When he said good-bye to several people on his team yesterday, most of them had no clue that he had been let go (speaking of a tight-knit team and an informative manager). My husband said that many people were shocked and angry that they let him go around the holidays. Welcome to Corporate America folks. End of the quarter figures are more important than happy, secure jobs.

My husband did get offered two jobs last week. One was a 6 month contract in Maine. Although the money was almost double what he makes now, the job was a dozen states away and not permanent. After getting an apartment, furnishing it, etc., it just wasn’t worth it.

The second job he was offered was also a 6 month contract about one and a half hours away from here. That would cost us about $20/day in gasoline. Hmmm…for the pay, not really worth it.

At this point, I would love for him to find something that uses his talents. He is quiet and some times shy. However, he works hard and is willing to learn new things. I just want him to be happy. When men aren’t happy with their work, it seems like it becomes “them”. You know? A man IS his job. Women aren’t like that.

So….we are hoping that he finds something soon. I would hate to eat our savings account again. I know we have done that something like 5 times in the past. However, it is always hard to recover from. I gave my husband two weeks to find something. If he hasn’t by then, I will go back to waitressing. It isn’t a glamourous job, but the pay is good for a part-time job.

Come on jobs! We could use you!!

4 Responses to “Nice Thanksgiving. Now onto Unemployment.”

  1. BayAreaDM Says:

    Is the full-time, non-temporary high-tech job market in Texas bad? It is my understanding that it is almost as good as the Bay Area. Am I missing something?

  2. Tony Says:

    It’s not great. Non-contract work is hard to come by still. I’ve been a contractor for 7 years now in Austin. Trying to get off that bandwagon. Now if you’re straight out of college and will take $40K/year you can find all kinds of work.

  3. BayAreaDM Says:

    That’s true about the college graduates willing to work for nothing to get their foot in the door. Good luck in your search, I hear Maine is a beautiful state.

  4. BayAreaDM Says:

    I meant “although I hear Maine is a beautiful state”. Bleach.

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